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Ego battery won't charge?

Any Battery experts out there? I have an Ego Battery mower and got it out to work with for the first time this season and the battery won't take a charge, tbh I'm not sure if it's the battery or charger. When I place battery on the charger all the green lights come on, then they all go off leaving only one green light on at 25%, the fan on the charger sounds like it's charging but the unit will not go above 25%, even when left charging for an hour, any ideas?


Many thanks Harry

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  • Replace the battery I'm afraid..................... it's had it.  It probably completely discarged over winter which makes it very difficult for it to take any charge.  Probably a good idea to give it a charge midwinter next time. 

    • PRO

      Thank you for reply, that's cool, I was given the mower and battery etc about month ago by a client, I know for sure they haven't used it all winter, it should be still under their warranty as not even a year old, so will get them to replace the battery under the warranty as I haven't used it or run it for business uses yet. Cheers mate 

  • does the battery actually still work the mower, or another ego tool, maybe try using it a bit as it might wake it up, then putting back on the charger

    • could even be the charger that has gone bad as you say

      • https://community.egopowerplus.com/ego/categories is a great resource for the ego stuff

        suggestions for fixing a battery which wont charge include banging on the floor repeatedly [seriously]

        and putting the battery on charger first with it unplugged, then plugging the charger in

        best of luck

        EGO Customer Community
        Welcome to our community! You have found the perfect space to ask questions about EGO products and share your experience or ideas with others. You ca…
  • Hi Harry there's a couple of YouTube videos that might be worth a watch about resetting there's battery sorry no link.

  • PRO

    Thank you everyone, have just had a little look on utube, the light on the actual battery itself should come on but there is nothing even when you push the button so I'm guessing the battery has been drained so far it can't recharge? 

    • sounds like a dud if no light sadly. might be worth putting a multi meter on it to see what voltage its giving. alternatively leave it on the charger overnight to see if it sorts itself out

  • PRO

    I let all my ego stuff go for this reason, and a few other faulty bits. Im not saying the kit wasn't good, as some was, but the batteries fail often. Never had a battery fail from any other brand, only ego stuff.


    • PRO

      Same here. I invested heavily with ego. The tools generally work well but the batteries are too unreliable. I went from having enough battery power to get through the day to not enough to last an hour! Even my warranty replacement batteries failed sooner than they should have. I already had a Makita petrol combi setup before so now bought the cordless combi head and can use my previous attachments. Batteries are smaller so less run time but a lot easier to work with through out the day.


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