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Ear protection

Hi All,


I'm currently using ear defenders but ilwas wondering if others are using ear plugs instead and if so any particular brand. The defenders are nice in the winter as they keep the wind off my ears. 

But in wamer weather infind them a little stuffy. So what you all using? 


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  • PRO

    I use dewalt disposable ear plugs, a pack of fithy for under a tenner a screwfix.

  • I used to alow my staff either ear defenders or ear plugs: but after a few phone calls from commercial clients who said my staff weren't using ear protection because they couldn't see earplugs from their window, it's ear defenders every time for us.

    • Interesting comment. Ill often see maintenance staff from other companies working when I'm driving around and see them with little or no protective gear. I think it looks unprofessional and just dangerous. I can see how ear plugs could give that impression. 

      I wear professional looking garden attire and safety glasses so perhaps that would be enough to give the right impression. 

  • PRO

    We use ear defenders so I can always monitor that they are being worn from a distance. It's also easier to check that they are correctly fitted and doing their job properly (the ear defenders that is!).

    We use Peltor Optime II as they are comfy and i think that they offer the corect noise attenuation. 

  • I prefer ear defenders as I've never liked wearing ear plugs. Had Peltor before, bought some delta plus from Screwfix as they look similar at a cheaper price, but they're not as good and I will go back to peltors. When using machinery I wear ear defenders and safety glasses or a forestry hat. I too have seen maintenance contractors using strimmers and hedge cutters with seemingly no protective gear on, it's not a good look aside from being dangerous. 

  • I use these


    Bluetooth ear defenders allow me to take calls and listen to music and podcasts while wandering up and down gardens behind the lawnmower. I even use them when not doing noisy work. 

    LINK 2.0
    Ear defenders. Done Better. Our best-selling ear defenders got an upgrade. Featuring a padded headband cushion, up to 50 hours of battery life and a…
  • I like the 'round the neck' instead of 'over the top of the head' banded ear defenders.  You can wear a sun hat!

  • I use ear plugs from specsavers. They have lots of choose for different industry's and were fairly priced.

    Definitely much more comfortable in the summer than ear defenders. Over winter with the backpack blower going I've found they fit comfortably underneath my ear defenders too if you want the noise extra muffled. 
    quick process getting them fitted - picking them up if you have a specsavers locally. 

  • I use peltor FM radio ear protectors. Can get a bit sweaty in summer but always good to have radio 2 on to keep me company all day. 

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