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    Assuming that you want to buy a new machine, you will struggle with that budget. After all, £1500 is only what you might expect to pay for a good hand mower.

    I assume this is a recommendation for a client.

    Even the lowest end domestic machines from Stiga and John Deere are around the £2k to £2.5k mark.

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      Hi vic yes second hand forgot to say.......

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    Get friendly with a couple of good local dealers and ask for the nod when any part-ex's come in.

    Saw a Stiga Park 105cm out-front with warranty go recently for £1995

  • Mark, We have always used Toro from when we started 40 years ago, unfortunately the new domestic machines don't have the build quality anymore. There's a Toro 270 on eBay at the moment at £1095, this is an older model and well worth buying, we ran these when starting the business and were reliable, tough and easy to replace belts etc, spares readily available. Go for it!

  • I run a Stiga 740 pwx [about £7500 list] and John Deere Z535m zero turn [now about £6500 list]. The Stigas are very good, but they aren’t simple machines and they hold their value, so aren’t great second hand buys.

    The John Deere I have is a stronger and a much simpler machine. It is also more heavy duty than the Stiga. The John Deere did three and a half seasons before needing a new drive belt. I have also just replaced the two deck wheels. Apart from service items and a new blade set at the start of each season, they are the only replacement parts it has needed.

    In the same three and a half year period [Both machines were bought new about the same time] and the same hours done on both machines, the Stiga hasn’t fared so well. The Stiga has had a new rear transaxle [thankfully done under warranty after only two years use – about £2500 otherwise], a complete set of belts [some are now getting ready again], a pair of deck castors [which are stupidly expensive] a new complete steering chain, a new set of steering cogs and bushes, a new transmission cable and new elbow [ball and socket] joints on the transmission cable [more than once]. The seat column has cracked and needs welding [a common fault] and the seat is loose because the hinge design is so very poor. In all fairness though, mine does get heavy use in old churchyards etc, but then so does the John Deere.

    If you aren’t needing four wheel drive, then the Zero Turn mowers are a safe bet. They are just so simple.

    You have to be careful too when looking at second Stigas because they all look the same, but there is actually a vast difference under the skin as regards engines, four or two wheel drive and other parts which become much better and stronger as you go up the range. Once you check the specifications out, it is often transpires that it is nearly as cheap to buy a new Siiga given that a good dealer will give you 20% discount off list.

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