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Dog in van at work.

Afternoon all.

Wasn't sure how to title this.

My dachshund comes to work with every day. Does any one else take their dog to work and does anyone have any tips on keeping them extra warm in the van whilst on site? Obviously she has a coat and blankets.


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  • maybe a hot water bottle wrapped in cloth so claws dont burst it. Or a USB heated electrical pad run off a power tool battery with adaptor. Although only 5 Volts so imagine only partially effective 

    • Like the sound of the heated pad.


      • Seen them on Amazon, mixed reviews, some look of dubious quality, and many buyers seemed to hope it's equivalent to a roaring log fire. Whereas the heat emitted will be quite gentle

  • I'd have thought the poor dog would get pretty bored stuck in a van all day...... I certainly would?  Is it fair on the dog? What happens when it's desperate for the loo and its stuck in the van? What happens in the hot weather or do you leave the dog at home?    If it was me,I'd be constantly worrying about whether the dog was ok in the van instead of getting on with work   Only ever had cats so I really haven't much of a clue about dogs though and the dog may well love it all.  . 

    • Didn't say the dog was stuck in the van she comes out alot of the time, she is certainly not unhappy and is excited to leave in the morning. In the hot weather my van is always parked in shade and not facing the sun and have a portable air conditioning unit which unfortunately is only cool air. Also my oldest daughter keeps her at home during Xmas and summer holidays etc.


      • Glad to hear that.   When you said   "any tips on keeping them extra warm in the van whilst on site  " I wrongly assumed she was in there all the time!   I'm sure she has a great old time though if it was me, I'd still find it a huge distraction and I'm not sure my customers would appreciate it.  Don't you worry about her wandering off and getting lost? 

        • She only wonders round in enclosed gardens, most of my clients have dog safe gardens or areas as their mostly have dogs also. She is very settled in the van whilst alone also so that doesn't distract me, when we got her we weren't sure how it would work, but I spoke to most of my clients first and all were happy.


  • My dog comes to work with me most days. Most of my gardens he comes in with me and has free run,If it's a commercial site he sometimes stays at home. Often my customers take him in and feed him lol. He gets a better deal than I do. A few winters ago I was in a customers garden doing a large apple tree prune in bitter cold conditions. I could see my dog through the window sitting on my customers lap watching TV 🤣. 

    • PRO

      My daughter has a pair of Dashcunds their parents were working dogs on a farm surprisingly robust outdoor breed despite their size . 

      They stay home during the day when family at work but frequently enjoy trips in their camper van at weekends Scotland during the winter months and they just wear little dog coats and my wife knits them little jumpers but I don't know if they feel the cold  

      The danger with leaving dogs in vehicles is obviously during summer months it's a killer if left inside but also even outdoors with no shade during summer months   

      Had dogs all my life and currently have a working spaniel he loves traveling in any car but once it stops he wants to be out and not the sort of breed I can take to work far too lively and would be a complete distraction and once you start a habit dogs can suffer with seperation anxiety when left behind   

      Your dog might be okay just following you around if it's safe to do so and customers don't have cats  

      Also left in a vehicle a dog can be a target for thieves ,wearing ear protection or running machines you won't hear your dog bark . 

      Some dogs however are just made to stay by your side everywhere you go ,plenty of customers dogs have followed me around over the years ,some blessed with more common sense than others .


    • It's a dogs life.🤣🤣

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