Cracked and split skin on hands?

Hey everyone, I've only been back in the gardens a week and already my fingers and hands are splitting all over , I use hand creams as much as any man would dare but it's not touching the dryness of the skin. Is anyone else been having this problem? I have used second skin loads in the past to try and seal up the cracks but there must be a better way forward? Many thanks Harry

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  • My wife had similar problems a while back and the doctor reckoned it could be caused by a vitamin deficiency; Might be worth trying some vitamin supplements...... nothing to lose.

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      You may be onto something there Graham, I have a really poor immune system ATM and have been told to up my vitamin intake, will look into this further, thank you
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    Try some aqueous cream from the pharmacy.
    Seems to work for my wife's dry hands
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      In the mean time going to try some of this cream, cheers Richard...
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        Just remembered the second part of the name it's aqueous emollient cream. Big tubs in Tesco chemist £2.50 I bought some last week!
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    Definately try emollient cream - I have same problem through the winter with wet hands in wet gloves all day. 

    I have one called Diprobase Emollient cream, few days of that twice a day and my hands start to get back to normal.

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    I suffer from occupational dermatitis, I use 'dermol 500' cream, you can get it prescription however tend to buy it out of my local chemist for £10.

    Have jars of it everywhere lol, one in the van, office, sitting room. It keeps the dermatitis at bay.. 

    For handling chemicals / fertilisers  I have spent the last couple of years trying different gloves and found arco do a box of disposable nitrile gloves for under a fiver per box (25 pairs) and offer me the best protection versus cost. I find the heavier gloves aren't as good as you get lots of cross contamination and your hands sweat more ect and my condition flares up more... . 

  • Harry

    I had a similar problem - I suspect after working in the chemical industry for years. However, I found that switching to full cream milk helped a great deal. ( Also wear gardening gloves whenever needed - if working with wet conditions,heavy duty rubber gloves with breathable material gloves under them )


    • sounds daft but when you have a shower use plenty of hair conditioner on your hands. works wonders and on chapped facial skin as well

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        Seaweed works well too for cracked skin, my dad suffers from dermatitis too and picks it straight off the beach! Washes his hands with it...

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