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i'm staying at home by going with the intention of lockdown annoucement as im panic struck that ii'll by accident infect someone somehow ( have a lot of oldies) seems to only way to  be 100%. 


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  • BALI issued new statement last night extending its recommendation to stay home & not work but with guidance if you want to break lockdown and go to work -  my link: 


    BALI's Chief Executive COVID-19 Statement
  • whats the view over these new road checks / blocks being spoken about on tv ?

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      • PRO

        I'm presuming checks to deposit John?

        is this not possible either on an app to take a photo or at local post office?

      • hoping it is focussed on areas around tourist & holiday hotspots to stop people visiting. news was full of people hitting popular walking areas and seaside towns. may see some down here nr south coast. mate said Bournemouth was rammed full a few days ago .

  • PRO

    Saw this on SM - we're in Surrey



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      • PRO

        Yes must be weird! I haven't been to town for months but it must be strange when it's empty.

        theres a small shoppings centre not far away and it's like it's a permanent Sunday night in the summer very odd to walk down there!

  • PRO

    On the subject of mixed messages . . . .

    Status of COVID-19

    As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.


    Maybe someone needs to notify the media?

    High consequence infectious diseases (HCID)
    Guidance and information about high consequence infectious diseases and their management in England.
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    There appears a growing campaign on social media to keep vehicles off the road full stop and stay home backed by the media, Police and Government. 

    • this corona thing could get really really bad in the u.k. we are still in the early stages, first reported case in county where i live today. seems strange how it wipes out some folk but others ok even boris. so its hardly the bubonic plague. but could ruin the country for years to come. not had any dirty looks or work shaming around here but am trying to operate under the radar. stay safe everyone.

      • Does Piers Morgan go to work?  How does he get there? Teleportation? Lucky for him he's so important and essential to keep the country running. Apologies for the sarcasm but I can't sit by and watch people like that held up as examples and arbiters of good taste and common sense. Campaigns on social media? Give me strength. The point of social media is that everyone's opinion gets heard, and in serious situations not everyone's opinion is equally valid. I personally have looked at government advice, which is based on the best advice they can get from the best scientists they have, and have also talked to various medical professionals I know - one of whom is right in the thick of it right now. That's the best I can do and I'll make my own decisions from that.

        I know it's a scary time and very worrying for everyone. Whatever you do you cannot be 100% sure it's right or certain it will work. So all you can do is what you think best and do it as best as you can. And good luck to all however you act. (And it must be much worse for those who employ others, I realise that.)

        As regards the HCID thing, we have to remember that bad as the covid19 is, there are much worse ones out there. At least with this one most people seem to have a reasonable chance whereas I'm not sure you can get a mild case of something like ebola - death rate 50% or more. 

        Sorry for the rant and sincerely all the best to all.

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