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I am really struggling to decide which mowers to go for in the forthcoming season. Whichever make, it will be a roller Pro model. With a much cheaper 4 wheel model to throw about. My initial thoughts were Honda. However, I have read some negative reviews and they are expensive. I have seriously considered the Weibang and Hayter. At the moment, I think Hayter for the Roller and a Honda Izy for the throw about. However, I was in a dealership today and saw the Cobra RM53SPH-Pro. I was impressed with the looks of it. Honda Engine, BBC and it has a fan assist for helping to collect the grass. It is easy to find independent reviews for the other makes mentioned. Difficult for the Cobra. Does anyone by any chance have one of these? If so, thoughts?

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  • Same as the the lawnflite pro, danarm, sarp, kubota.

    There have certainly been discussions about these mowers on here if you do a search.

    • All clones of old honda models.

  • I have three of the original Hondas on which the Cobra is based - 2 x HR194 and 1 x HR216. They are excellent mowers, despite the youngest being 30 years old! If I had to replace with a brand new mower, it would be a Cobra Pro. I have used the mower you mention, it belonged to a client. It is a great mower to use and I highly recommend one. It didn't feel quite the same as my mowers, despite it being nearly identical - but then again, it hasn't had 30 years to 'bed in'. The spring that pulls the blade handle back felt about tight, which did stress the hands and lower arms but this would be easier enough to remedy. 
    The original design and the Honda GXV engine are pretty much bombproof and I'd happily part with my hard-earned for a new one!

    • Thanks, Sean. Really reassuring. I also run a Honda HR194 and it is a brilliant machine. Last season, I don't think it was picking up as well as previously. I keep the blade sharp. However, thinking about it, the blade has not been replaced and the cutting width is diminishing. I wonder if a new blade might solve the problem. If it does, I will not bother with a second throw about mower but will continue using the Honda. As for the Cobra, unless anyone has negative views, this is a strong possibility. 

      • I have spoken to my local dealer, who offered a bit of a discount. My only concern is that the Cobra has a 12 month commercial warranty. The Hayter which is 56 Pro which is about £150 more expensive has a 2 year warranty. As I am looking at a roller, I think the 2 year warranty would be far more beneficial.

        • I honestly don't think you'll need the extending warranty for the Cobra, I'd still have one over Hayter.

          Keep the HR194 plodding along! I have 'upgraded' one of mine to the more modern GXV160 engine. There was nothing wrong with the original GXV120, but I picked up a spares and repairs Honda HRD536 (avoid) for £20, I took the engine and handlebars off this and put it on my HR194 roller, again, nothing wrong with the original but it's an easy upgrade if you get the parts!

        • PRO

          On the cobra website it states 2 years professional warranty on this mower James . 




      • I know you can get an aftermarket high lift blade for the danarm/lawnflite clones, so should be able to get one for the honda. Might be worth looking into. 

    • What you say is correct my old Honda's made it to 30yrs old the new ones only last 18months very poor gearing for the roller drive £400 a time to fix same as cobra lawnflite sarp etc etc

      • Indeed, the drive engagement is a bit crude and will eventually wear. I fix my own mowers, including gearboxes, they're very straightforward to do. Like most things in the world today, things aren't built like they used to be! I reckon the once Japanese-built gearboxes are now built in China using lesser grade metals, which is why the newer Honda clones seem to suffer gearbox issues earlier in their life.

        It's worth noting, when using a mower with that style of gearbox, it's beneficial to give the mower the slightest of pushes, or lift the handles a small amount, before engaging the drive. It doesn't take a lot, but it helps the gears a great deal and will keep the gearboxes trouble-free for longer!

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