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Capillary Matting for flood control

Hi All,

I'm doing some landscaping where I will be laying weed control membrane with a slate covering.

My client has had some issues with surface water flooding so we are considering laying capilary matting under the membrane in an attempt to slow the transfer of water.

Has anyone done this or can offer an alternative solution.  The area was previously covered with turf, which would have a held an amount of water and slowed its movement.

Thanks all



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  • i am familiar with capillary matting but think it would need to be inches thick to have much efffect, in this situation

  • Public Member

    Perhaps: French Drains / perforated drainage pipe (in gravel within trench)

    I'm on heavy clay. What has worked for me is capturing the excess water, and taking it somewhere else

  • Using capillary matting underneath a weed suppression membrane to control surface water seepage is a really creative solution.
    Another alternative you can consider is installing a soakaway system or incorporating drainage into your landscape.
    This will direct excess water away from the area and reduce the risk of flooding.
    Additionally, using gravel or a porous material underneath your slate cover can improve water infiltration and drainage, preventing water pooling on the surface.
  • PRO

    I'd go the french or perforated drain linked to a proper soakaway or another drain... A capillary mat isnt going to cut it when it is really heeded imo

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