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Building on weed control and pricing

Hi, everyone

I've been in business now just over 3 years and in that time I've been concentrating on working towards building on clearance and weed control . I've done all the relevenat tickets including pesticides and machinery but struggling to sort prices. Pricing and documentation is however becoming a nightmare me. For weed treatments such as knotweed I dont know how the pricing should be structured and I feel I'm far to cheap.

Im trying to figure out a pricing structure for most weed control services and wish to concentrate on the rogue weeds like horsetail, balsam and knotweed to name a few. Is there any pricing systems available as a rough guide per sqm and any documentation surrounding the services at all please?

A general weed treatment on a hard surface such as a double drive I would price at £20 and then horsetail I would charge £35, its not generating any customers though at those prices. Im wondering if I said its x amount per square meter as a rule per service / weed type if that would help.

Thanks in advance folks

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  • I think it's down to how you're promoting things Richard. Those prices are silly and need to be increased

  • PRO

    Hi Dan that's what I'm trying to establish. I have found the example service price list on this site for mowing and lawn care, with regards to specialist treatments and hard surfaces I'm trying to gauge a few things.

    One is a a minimum charge, £35 should really be the very least after travel, training, chemical and equipment but others are much cheaper.

    Secondly is a rough per m price, lawn care looks to be 10p but again invasive weeds should command a premium. 

    I have no experience of pricing for the likes of knotweed so I'm running blind and probably leaving money on the table.

  • Maybe there simply just isn't the call for this type of service in your area as a concentrated business. Included as part of a wider spread portfolio of services would give you experience from where you can work out more sensible charges. 


    • PRO

      Richard, sometimes its good to post price specific issues in the BOG - also try using the internal search engine, which is a bit fussy i find, but can dig up relevant threads. There are several specialist invasive weed people on here and im sure many who include it as an add on -- by searching for threads you may find a few people that might be worth messaging. Generally most people on here are quite happy to discuss via messaging if you can find them and send a hello etc. 

      • PRO

        The search engine does need some patience -- you need to use a lot of different 'terms' and spelling needs to be spot on -- can take time but can find some excellent stuff  ! 

        • PRO

          Regarding per sq metre treating invasive weeds -- i dont see how there can be any comparison between blanket spraying a lawn thats 5 cm high and dealing with an area of knotweed that might be 6 feet high -- even if you tried to do cubic meter it wouldnt work. I think its got to be more like hedge quotes -- working out an internnal hourly rate -- and then estimating time it will take you on each visit and how many visits. Obviously this internal rate has to reflect the equipment, training, use of pesticide and dealing with a hazardous waste.

  • PRO

    I agree with both Dan and Colin. Those prices are ridiculous and inadvertently may be making yourself look less than professional by advertising Mickey Mouse prices!

    We do offer invasive species control but it is an add-on to other services. We do charge a premium but we also offer peace of mind by means of follow up reporting and repeat application for a pre-agreed period of time (eg 3 years).

    Feel free to dm or call for a chat any time .




    • PRO

      Hi Neil, thanks for the reply, as I retrained 3 years ago and never worked for another company carrying out weed control its been hard to establish prices. I know many compnaies will ring competitiors to gain prices but I havent done this,

      I only due a general drive spray or spot spray for the usual weeds, knotweed I do charge min £120 and as Knotweed has been proven to go back into dormancy with herbicde treatments, I only advertise as control rather than eradication. This would also be on a pay as you basis with return visits booked if needed.

      Its something I need to price right as just the PPE being diposable and expensive needs to be factored into my price. I will send you a DM if thats okay.


      Thanks again Rich



This reply was deleted.

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