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Box alternatives

Following on from my thread on Box blight,  looking at alternative replacement where we've removed . Dismissed Yew due to cost and growth rate, similarly Ilex Crenata , thoughtabout  Lonicera Nitida Green variety not Baggesons Gold etc which need cutting  every other day !

Not seen it used as a low hedge, plenty of it on commercial sites we maintain but kept waist high, it seems bomb proof and seems it'll grow anywhere.  Anyone got it as a low box type hedge? Might take a flyer on it and try it on one site

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  • as an alternative for a low hedge, how about some type of non variegated green Euonymus with small ish leaves, not sure what the variety is called but would imagine it very hardy, with a reasonable growth rate, can easily be trimmed to shape not too often ,and easy to propagate from cuttings if need be. And looks just like a box hedge to the uninitiated

  • I've used Lonicera pileata- I thought nitida would be too fast growing.  It took a while to shape up, but a few years down the lne I'm very pleased with how it looks.

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    I've put in Ilex Crenata here at home..... at the moment they are about 4" tall... if theres interest I can give a progress report over the coming few years?

  • Personally, I always recommend Yew. Virtually indestructable and it makes a wonderfully tight hedge that is easy to shape and can be cut virtually all the way down should that ever be necessary. I understand your point about cost but have always found buying large quantities in winter is massively beneficial. It has the reputation for being a slow grower but with regular watering it isnt so bad. Ilex is wonderful but I found that they simply will not hurry up no matter how much water I give them.

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    euonymus japonicus microphyllus

  • As others have said, there are various euonymus to consider, green spire (I think this might be the one billybop is referring to) is probably closest looking to box if that's what you're after. 

    My local nursery has stocking what they claim to be dwarf yew, I haven't really looked into it properly, and like you say probably expensive. 

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      A garden we look after which is all lawns and topiary which was laid out in the early 1970s consists of all kinds of shrubs which can be shaped .

      Well established now but some shrubs need replacing , we were brainstorming ideas when someone suggested Pittosporum .

      It was an instant hit a great choice and should fit in with this garden .


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Trade green waste centres

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