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Block paving and weeds

Hi all, I was wondering if I could pick your brains. I look after a large garden that also has stables, out side the stables is block paving. This year I jet washed it and re sanded it. But soon enough the bits of grass and weeds started to come back. I have been using gallup Xl weed killer on it, but without much luck. I've even had two lads on it hand scraping the weeds / grass out of it. But need to find a better way to keep it at bay if there is? Any tip /hints greatfully received.  This pic is after jet wash while sanding the block paving continuesrround the side and back of the stables to the field behind

Thanks Steve 3521102611?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • You've been using gallup...perhaps gallop would be better for stables!

  • PRO

    The Gallup xl will only control weeds that are growing, it will not prevent new weed seed germination. You could try Dan sand instead of normal dried sand.

  • PRO

    Usually best to control the weeds then clean.

    The weeds will always regrow, there isn't any residuals that you can use on paving anymore.  Sealing it probably wouldn't be a good job due to the horses damaging the seal.

    Make sure all the joints are filled right up with sand as if not then that gives the weeds somewhere safe to grow.

    • PRO

      There is an exception to the ‘no residuals on hard surfaces’ provided by using a CDA lance and a product such as : https://www.progreen.co.uk/nomix-dual.

      Maybe investigate or find a fellow Contractor with one ?

      We use a CDA and find it quite useful. It is a shame they let the Selectives drop out of approval - it was a good solution for basic lawn care 

      Nomix Dual | Residual Weed Killer | TDC - ProGreen
      Residual herbicide - Controls weeds & keeps weeds at bay - Use with Nomix TDC applicator - Fast UK delivery - FREE advice
  • Thanks for the input so far. When I washed it back in June, I re sanded with that sand with inhibitor in it hoping that would do the trick (never used it before) but don't think I would wast money on it again. I sugested not sealing it due to cost, and the heavy traffic with the horses.

    When I've been weed killing I've been making up what I think is quite strong solutions, but every month I think flippin heck needs doing again. Dosen't help that she's surrounded by fields, has horses. 

    What's your thoughts is gallup the right thing to be using? Is there anything else I could use?  Or am I just gonna have to suck it up and do a weed kill treatment every week on it?

    If I have to do it every week, any suggestions as what to use to apply it (using a back pack spray at the moment) but takes ages. Some times feel like buying a water tank and just flooding the area with weedkill. If it wasn't for the cost.

    These rich people will have fancy things eh!!

    Cheers again 


    • PRO

      Steve have you done a pesticide course (PA1 and PA6) as reading some of your last comments it does not sound like you have. The chemicals you are applying should only be used by a qualified person.

  • Block paving is 'live' and unless scrupulously sealed, seedling weeds will grow, usually on the fringes, not so much on trafficed areas.  I do a once a month 'walkabout' with Roundup, spot spraying, which keeps things under control.

  • I use Roundup provantage . But it's a  ongoing thing . I'm not sure theres any other way.  Customer of mine decided to do his own . Told me he'd got hold of the same stuff I used !!

    About size 8's .. I'd guess Lmao 


  • Hi Steve,

    like one if your other respondents, we use Roundup provantage. It’s good but not massively better than Gallup. Re application is necessary though. As to removing re growth, we spray it first, then after two weeks strim off the residue and blow this into a convenient corner to be swept up or sucked up. It is an ongoing battle, so good luck!


  •  I agree with the previous post suggesting Nomix Dual is the only long lasting residual with approval on non-porous hard surfaces. It does have to be applied via a CDA applicator but they are popular with operators and safe/easy to use: https://www.progreen.co.uk/weed-control/long-lasting/nomix-dual

    Nomix Dual | Residual Weed Killer | TDC - ProGreen
    Residual herbicide - Controls weeds & keeps weeds at bay - Use with Nomix TDC applicator - Fast UK delivery - FREE advice
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