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Birmingham Council website

The start has been delayed from Jan to July 2020 'because the Government have not sorted out the gadgets that will check emissions'.

Leeds and Birmingham both plan to implement a charge (£ unknown) to older vehicles that exceed a threshold (unknown ppm).

In Birmingham it is the area inside (but not including) the A4550 Ringway.  (There would be no charge to drive along the A4550 Ringway.)   










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  • Sorry, A4540 Ringway

  • PRO

    Nightmare for me. I do about 1 and a half days which involve driving through the city to the South side. The ring road is always congested and the A38 was designed with flyovers and tunnels to take it directly under the city. ( Which it does efficiently in a few minutes). This coupled with the ridiculous idea of knocking down the A34 flyover convinces me that the city is run by halfwits with no idea of business. How on Earth does causing more congestion on the ring road equate to cleaner air? I'm inclined to just drop the work. I also think anyone considering running a business in the city centre will be thinking again. Face facts, Brum's loss will be other's gain.

  • PRO

    That’s only half the story.



    Plan to ban cars through centre of Birmingham
    Private cars would only be allowed in and out of the city in certain places under plans by the city council.
  • PRO

    I'm very aware of my carbon footprint and working constantly  towards improving it. What will not help, however, is forcing commercial vehicles to take a lengthy detour around the city, involving numerous roundabouts and traffic lights, when there is an efficient through road, much of which is in tunnels. Just imagine the congestion this will cause. If it is really about air quality then I would suggest there are far more people living and working around the ring road than anywhere near the A38 tunnels. The suggested £8 per day charge is a tax on any business that chooses to operate in the city centre and from talking to business owners I know, many are thinking of just simply looking elsewhere to work.

    Compared to London, Birmingham's public transport is very poor and perhaps they should be looking to establish improvements there before rushing this through. Not that it will be of any use to me, I can hardly jump on a bus with lawnmowers, strimmers and a blower.



  • PRO

    I listened to a program on Radio Four yesterday about work, during the discussion horse drawn transport in London was mentioned.

    A hundred years ago the streets of London were covered in manure from the huge number of horses that pulled vehicles around the city, there was an outcry and demands that urgent action was required to deal with the problem.

    Then in a very short period the horses were all but replaced by vehicles with internal combustion engines. The problem no longer exists.

    The is a strong possibility that hydrogen fuel will take over from petrol and diesel as the fuel of choice for road vehicles and electric vehicles will not the be all and end all when it comes to reducing emissions.

    The Radio Four program was actually discussing the strong possibility that in the future there will not be enough jobs for everyone to have one.

    Image a Birmingham city centre with the cars removed, it may seem like a good idea, but will there be reasons for people who don’t live there to visit it daily if they don’t have jobs or their workplace has been moved out of the city?

    There could be a huge change in a very short period, Birmingham City centre could become a housing estate with little traffic, but not much else either.

    I have a brother who lives within the zone, when I go up there I can see the employment disappearing along with shops and other facilities.

    Will the reason why people want to drive into and visit Birmingham, such as employment and shopping still exist in ten years time, also will pollution from petrol and diesel still be an issue?

    One other thing is consider is that the tail pipe pollution from a car is only part of the issue, all vehicles including electric vehicles create a lot of dust from brakes, tyres, road surface wear and just stirring things up, so whatever the means of propulsion vehicles still reduce air quality.


    • PRO

      The proposed Leeds City clean air zone was delayed until Jan 2020 last time i checked , So this is the latest update July 2020 . 

      From the map its unclear to me which roads will be affected although you can avoid driving through Leeds City although the link road off Kirkstall road does force you on to Eastgate or Wellington st  , unclear if this junction will be affected . 

      Family members who work in Leeds city centre dont use their vehicle to get to work anyway . The lack of parking and excessive parking charges have being deterrent enough for years which has proved effective driving them onto a train wihich arrives late with standing room only or onto a bendy bus , there was a plan to introduce electric trams which got shelved . 

      I am old enough to remember travelling through Leeds on a tram there was less traffic on the roads but remember passing industrial chimneys belching out smoke ( the old toffee factory produced a killer stench ), thick pea soup fogs every morning , there has always being some form of pollution , they knocked the chimneys down but now we have more vehicles on the road instead . 

      Leeds city centre is not on my work route but last year spent hours and hours in traffic jams and tail backs while they made so called road improvements on other routes , apart from it being unproductive and mind numbing it must have created enough pollution to last decades which is counterproductive in my opinion , but i dont know what the answer is . Its turning me into a grumpy old gardener .

  • PRO

    My great grand parents lived slap bang in the middle of Peaky Blinders territory and in later life lived in Park Street, Aston where the corner shop was run by the parents of Toni Iommi, the Black Sabbath guitarist, my grandmother was sent to live with her aunty when she was seven years old to live in Bidford on Avon to get her away from Birmingham city centre. I can claim I have Brummie blood in my veins and remember visiting an old uncle who lived in the back to backs when I was a kid and have the city visited throughout my life.

    So I have seen the city reinvent itself many times over the years, it will be interesting to see how it transforms itself into a traffic free village, also if it ends up as being a green and pleasant land.



  • PRO

    I spent a week over Christmas in Koln (Cologne) which is a green permit zone (LEZ) and had to park the car in a multi-story Park and Ride car park about eight miles from the centre of Koln. The great thing about this city is that it has great tram and train connections at a very reasonable rate, which makes it very easy to get to wherever you need to go, and the car park was free for the whole week.

    I could have applied for a permit to take the car into the LEZ but it takes at least 7 days via the internet. The trouble was we only decided to go the day before we actually went so didn't have time to get a permit.


  • PRO

    I was in  London   recently and  visited Greenwich by bus.  An hour journey costing just £1.50, 24hour service too. Believe me, Brum has nothing like that.  Each time I go, I swear it'll be my last time. The city is run by people that've never run any kind of business whatsoever.

This reply was deleted.

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