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bga 200 thoughts?

looking to add the bga 200 to my kit, anyone got it and whats your thoughts? its going to replace my bg86.

going to be using it with the ap500s battery 

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  • Hi Gary I use a lot of the Stihl battery kit but wouldn't have a BGA200 myself as the 765cfm Ego blower I currently use is in fact more powerful by a few Newtons of force, and easier to just pick up, do a bit, then put down, as not tethered to a cable. It depends how you work really. I had the BGA85 back in the day. Which was ok but relatively weak. Followed by the BGA100. Which I hardly used, sold it as found its performance underwhelming, and cabled of course. Although it was light and extremely quiet. There is of course the top of the range Stihl BGA300 backpack battery machine. Equivalent to the BR400 they reckon. But pricey. I use 7.5Ah packs with my Ego as they provide more blowing force than the smaller capacity ones. Due to the increased number of cells in the bigger packs. All battery blowers are power hungry so bear in mind run time even with an AP500S pack won't be spectacular, I used backpack batteries with my Stihl blowers if clearing larger areas

    • Hi Billy thanks for the info

      the ego looks a decent blower but im sticking with the stihl range now ive just bought 3 batteries! 

      how come you have ego and stihl tools? 

      • hi that's totally understandable Gary, back in the day when the Li-Ion battery gear was in its infancy, and very few buyers would touch with a barge pole for fear of the unknown, there were some unbelievably big discounts available, so ended up trying a few different brands, to find the best tools for my purposes and re-selling anything I didn't get on with, I still use about 7 different battery platforms for cordless garden kit, to me it's no different to having Felco secateurs but Bahco loppers lol

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