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Best Stihl brushcutter?

You know that old saying about buying cheap and buying twice, well I've learned the hard way. My brushcutter is worthy of nothing but the bin. 

I'd like a petrol Stihl under £300 and they look pretty good, just wondered if anyone had any recommendations. I only do residential properties and don't use on every job but when I do I want one that actually works. 


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  • I swear by the Stihl fs94 with the loop handle..... £248 from F R Jones https://www.frjonesandson.co.uk/products/stihl-fs-94-rc-e-brushcutt...  had mine for some 3 years and never let me down.  Very light with a standard 2-mix engine. I have read someone complaining about the vibration however I've never noticed it.  It's also powerfull enough to put a hedgecutting attachment on if you fancy it.  

    Stihl FS 94 RC-E brushcutter/strimmer (24.1cc) – FR Jones and Son Ltd
    Lightest brushcutter in this segment. Stihl 1-point anti-vibration system, ErgoStart, loop handle suitable for where access may be difficult, control…
    • Hi Grahame,

      Do yu need a brushcutter or just a strimmer if you are doing domestics, yesterday I cut a lawn that had not been touched for 18 month, (had to keep raking it verticle) some brambles etc and managed easily with a stihl fs40. Lawn is knackered mind.

      I have put a patio window out with a stone so it has plenty oomph, also easy to use with the loop hand rather than handlebars,  I have strimmed all sort sof vegetation with this, Dont go overkill unless you need to, Its a  perfect weight/balance for edging as well.

    • PRO

      Me too. FS94 is a quality piece of kit. Reliable and starts every time.

  • I have owned two Bessertrim strimmers for three and a half years now and I would recommend them highly. I use one and my assistant has the other. I am a very busy contractor and the strimmers get used on commercial contracts. They come as a kit but all you do is fit the handles and bolt the engine onto the shaft with the four bolts. It’s easy. They are heavy duty pro spec strimmers with Mitsubishi engines. I had the 280 with the cow horn handles and the larger engine [the other 280 I bought came with a Kawasaki engine at the time that is now unavailable], they also do the 260 with the loop handle and a smaller Mitsubishi engine. They are both under £200.

    Now everyone will be along with recommendations but you cannot get a professional strimmer anywhere for anything like this sort of price. At this price point you would be getting domestic grade that will not last.

    I have owned much more expensive strimmers that didn’t last more than two years. When I need to buy a new strimmer in the future I will certainly get another one of these.

    I would add that the pro gear that I own from Stihl and Husqvarna have all at some point given me trouble. The first Stihl BG86 leaf blower engine was finished after three years, the Stihl HS 56c-e needed a new carb after less than three years and the less said about the Husqvarna chainsaw the better. But the Mitsubishi and Kawasaki engines, which have both seen much more work that the Stihl/Husqvarna engines, have never missed a beat. I would say always buy kit with Japanese engines whenever you can.

    Link - http://www.bessertrim.co.uk/index.php/trade-uk-home/brushcutters/sh...

    Shaft Kits
    Shaft Kits
    • The Bessertrim tap ‘n’ go strimmer heads are also the best I have used. When we were using the Honda ones a few years ago, the spools [you can just buy the spool for the Honda heads] which have the ‘tap’ part on would wear out constantly. Each strimmer would use three per season and the rest of the head would last barely a season. The Bessertrim heads [complete with original spool] will do three years. I only recently needed to replace mine.

  • Get a second hand fs130 sthil from ebay brilliant strummer get one with a cow handle. I've been in business for 20 years and I'm only on my second one

    • PRO

      Efco DS2400 is a nice strimmer for domestic gardens and for more robust work like taking down long grass , mine lasted Three years before it died but i had it restored because i liked it so much  it only comes out for bigger jobs now with the blade attatchment . 

      I now  prefer a cordless strimmer for use in domestic gardens , less strenous and reliable .

  • Josie, what exactly is the machine to be used for? Clearing, or lawn edging? If it's lawn edges, I'd advise a loop handle strimmer. I'd also advise you look very carefully at vibration levels. The Stihl FS94 is pretty bad., 

    Echo, Tanaka, Husqvarna and others offer strimmers with MUCH lower vibration levels. 

    I'm not at all a fan of stihl strimmers.

  • I would strongly advise not buying second-hand. After 34 years of experience with all makes and many different strimmers, I can say that they can be temperamental and have a certain life span. A pro spec strimmer will have had a hard life. Given that a good strimmer can be bought new relatively cheaply, I would not gamble on a used item. Buy a new machine with a warranty. If a new one goes wrong it’s the dealer’s puppy to deal with and won’t cost you any money.

    • PRO


      Never buy 2nd hand 2stroke equipment unless you’re a good small engine expert especially if it’s ‘cheap’.

      Or, maybe ask yourself why if it’s a good machine is it being sold .... 3 options ;

      1. it has a ‘known’ problem
      2. it’s nicked 
      3. just maybe the sun shines down on you and find an honest punter who wants to get rid of a ‘perfectly’ good machine...

      Cynical - moi ? 

This reply was deleted.

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