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Best Place to sell machinery

For the new season, I have finally decided to upgrade my ride-on mower. This now leaves me with the issue of selling my John Deere X166. Having sold some items through ebay, I was shocked at how much the commision is, even on Classified adds. A number of years ago, I seem to recall it was something like £50. It is now about 12%. If I get about £2500 for my mower, this is going to be £300! Unfortuanetly, Ebay seems to be everyones first port of call. Does anyone use any other sites to sell and if so, are they successful? Does this site have an active and successful selling area? As always, thank you for any input.

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  • James, try Gumtree, albeit owned by Ebay but last time we used ,it is free.

    Had reasonable success, don't bother with the sponsored listings which you do have to pay for, seem to get less chancers and time wasters than Ebay. Only put your mobile number in ad though, first time we used made the mistake of putting our email in and got numerous spam and rip off emails. Would have thought you should sell the JD easily at this time of year, remember punters like shiny !! So get that polish out!


    • Thanks, Peter. Just after I posted, I received an email from Ebay offering free selling until April. I'm going to put it on very soon - I just need to put the deck back on and wait for the sun. As for Polish, it is immaculate. Always cleaned after use. I misread the service intervals and changed oil etc. after every 25 hours. Whoever buys it will get an absolute bargain.

  • Thats ridiculous to have to pay £300.   Can you try putting it on as a "vehicle"?................. £15 insertion fee then 1% of final value with a maximum of £45.  I was looking up the definition of "vehicle" and reckon you might get away with it... a "tractor" is a vehicle so why not a "ride-on mower"? 

  • PRO

    There is one currently listed on EBay, the description says:

    Bank transfer or Card Payment available.


    • Oh dear, could be wrong, but I don't believe they are allowed to specify such payment terms on ebay for the sale of a lawnmower. That fee-free offer that James has got is a fantastic deal, even better than the fortnightly "80% off" final value fees offered to some private sellers. (Which equates to around a 3% fee). The problem with listing a lawnmower as a "vehicle" would be that the Ebay search might not return a result to someone searching for a ride on lawnmower, due to the way that categories work for different products. For all its faults Ebay can still produce buyers prepared to pay a decent price, the odd timewaster or tyre kicker is a possibility from advertising virtually anywhere. I would make it plain in the listing that cash (or immediate bank transfer) on collection is expected rather than a payment through Ebay itself, although by their rules you can't actually enforce this

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