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Best hedge trimmer?

Can anyone reccommend   what the best all round hedge trimmer would be in their opinion?

I generally buy petrol driven sithl tools.

It is for commercial use, but I do have somewhat of a budget. ( Under 600)



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  • PRO

    I use mostly a set of stihl HS 87R single sideed and have found these very reliable and efficiant I also use a smaller set of the HS45s for smaller bush work.

  • I think that there are lots of really good ones on the market. I personally have the Echo HC-341ES. At 40" long it makes really short work of hedges and I love the gathering plate that it has. It cost me around £450 and has done 2 seasons so far. I couldn't be more pleased with it. They do a 30" version too.

    • PRO

      I use Echo and Stihl , both good machines but i feel the Echo has the edge , its Three years old now and still feels and performs like a new machine .  

  • I used the HS86r... now 87r...... for several years as my only hedgecutter and could deal with everything. A good advantage of the single-sided blade is you can fit a "catcher" which makes cutting the tops of hedges so much easier.

  • PRO

    I use stih  hs81rl(too heavy) and the Echo Hcr-165HES ( annoyingly hard to start first thing). The stilh is a beast and will cut like nobodies business. Particularly good on conifers. The Echo is lighter and easier to use on the softer stuff like beech and Yew.


    I'm currently trying out the Pellenec battery operated hedging trimmers. It's day 2 and so far I wish I'd bought this gear year's ago.The shift of   weight from in front on the cutters to your back takes an immense amount of stress off your body. I was concerned about carrying weight all day on my back. Like most I suffer lower back pain. But this feels different. Its not a battle with the machine. You merely glide along. I cut for nearly 7 hrs yesterday with one battery.Its no snowflake either. I lowered a privet hedge by 15 cms and within its remit of cutting , it performed remarkably well.

    It's expensive and I'm sure there will be issues with it somewhere, and as I said it's only day 2 so it's hard to be accurate with info.But When the time is right I will change over..

  • It might not be everyone's first choice but I have a stihl hl95k, the 3/4 shaft pole hedge trimmer. I use it for virtually everything . If I was to have only one machine it would be this 

  • I use sthil hl100 for everything it's brilliant.ive also got a hs45 which has been made redundant. I've had the long reach hl100 for 6 years and only this year had to replace throttle cable. Have a look on eBay brilliant deals

  • I use a Stihl  HS 56 C-E. It is very light and will cut through thick stuff with ease.

    The best thing I ever bought though is the Easy Lift harness. They are exspensive, but it will change your life, trust me. There is literally NO WEIGHT in the hedgecutter at all, you only need to 'steer' it. Here is a youtube video showing it used with a pole trimmer. I use it with the HS 56 C-E, but it shows you how good it is.

    • PRO

      Wow!!! I've never seen those harnesses before. I've just spent a long day doing hedges and my arms feel like i've wrestled an elephant! I'll be checking those out pronto.

  • PRO

    over the years have found stilhs single blade ones the best.Strong ,reliable,and alot safer.but not the cheapest.

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