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Battery tool winter storage bagss

Can anyone recommend suitable winter storage bags for Stihl hedge cutters to protect from moisture which are stored outdoors in an outbuilding ? 

Have found some on line for transporting machines and some made from canvas which are fit for transporting kit but not suitable to keep moisture out .

Also have some dummy batteries to protect battery slot but not moisture proof   

Any suitable moisture proof breathable material I could wrap around might do , any ideas please ? 




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  • Can't you just put them in large plastic rubbish bags and then tape them shut?  Seems the easiest and cheapest option.  Do they even suffer with moisture problems?

  • The cold is the problem where I keep them. I shelled out for the Stihl carrying case (which is expensive but plenty sturdy) but have to bring them into the house when temperatures drop. Carrying them in the van cab helps although it obviously depends how far I am going!

  • Got plenty of hedges to do still myself, seems never ending. So mine won't be in storage as such. Maybe put some large silica gel sachets in the plastic bags and one in the battery slot to absorb moisture? Although it doesn't seem to damage them, maybe a bit of surface rust on the blades but could spray those with light oil before storage to deter that. Batteries themselves best kept in the house over winter? Or does the cold preserve them somehow. Left at 25% charge level maybe

    • PRO

      I keep the batteries in fire proof bags which are well insulated and made from a tough waterproof fabric   

      Surface rust is what I am trying to avoid on the terminals and blades as the blades can bind when the rust strikes then it's a pain to free them up . 

      The cold doesn't help I don't know if it affects the plastic casing as come spring I notice battle scars on the surface which were not there previously and the casing feels brittle it may just be my imagination but these tools cost an arm and a leg so I try and look after them .

      No harm I suppose in putting some silica pouches in storage bags . 

      Will have to look at the Stihl bags in a dealers I can never tell online , the one I have seen says it can hold the engine unit/ battery /charger but does not state if it's weather proof .

      • I admire your dedication............. when I got my first Stihl chainsaw, it was wrapped upo in a dustsheet whenever it wasn't in use.  Aftere 25 years, things juist get stacked up= in the garage, hedgecutters on the top so the blades don't get bent.  Never have any problems though  I always try and start everything up and get them nicely warmed up, every 3 weeks or so.  Unless you've a damp outbuilding, I really wouldn't worry though spraying tools with WD40 won't do any harm.  

        • PRO

          Thanks for the replies .

          I found the perfect solution  we had some patio furniture winter covers we never got around to using and simply cut it up to drape around the machines  

          Packed some bubble wrap in the battery slots to stop spiders getting in . 

          Not so bothered about petrol machinery never had any winter storage problems and always empty the fuel tanks .

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