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Battery Knapsack

Does anyone currently use a battery powered backpack sprayer? Getting tired of arm pumping these days. Run a garden maintenance company not a lawn treatment company, so it will get a bit of use but not all day every day use. Seem to be a few around, Makita, Matabi, Flowzone, Field King. The Stihl one at over £500 is more than we're looking to spend. Look forward to hearing if anyone uses one they could recommend.

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  • PRO

    I use the matabi one and find it perfect for everything that I do , it's just so easy to use and the battery lasts absolutely ages. I use it for everything except for iron. It's especially good for spraying solar panels with biocide with the telescopic lance. It has 2 speeds by a switch on the side which is a bit of bugger to reach when it's on your back and that for me is the only draw back with it.

    • Thanks Dave, good to hear some feedback. As a matter of interest, what do you use to spray iron sulphate or is that not something you do?

      • PRO

        I use a cheap knapsack because I find eventually it just knackers them up with rust, even with loads of rinsing.

        • That's my experience too. Thanks Dave

  •  Pulmic sprayers from the prosprayers people do a couple of good ones. There's a wheeled sprayer and a backpack one looks like a good buy. 

    Their website is https://prosprayers.co.uk/

    PSP Professional Sprayers | Backpack & handheld equipment
    The Pro Sprayers People Ltd are the exclusive UK & Europe distributors of the Guarany brand of sprayers to the public and trade.
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