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Battery Charging Calculations ?

Due to the current hike in energy prices is there a simple way of calculating how much its costing to charge up cordless batteries , to be fair i used to absorb the cost due to the fuel saving but now wondering if its adding up to a significant amount . 


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    There was a post on here once that I bookmarked for future use but it seems to have disappeared, it may have ended in the archives or gone forever.... it was the topic below and I hava a feeling one of the Andys gave the calculations.... so maybe someone else will or they will offer to elaborate


  • PRO

    If you want to keep an accurate record buy a plug in meter like this


  • depends on the capacity of battery but maybe 2p more than it was before? best way to do it maybe with one of those electricity monitor power meters that you can plug a 3-pin mains appliance into, and can tell how much power is used during the cycle and calculate the cost. As the li-ion batteries fill up the charger steps down the current supplied to the pack, which is why the last bar of charge takes longer. So trying to calculate by the ampage of the charger itself multiplied by how long it's running etc can give an over estimate of actual power used. Bear in mind with most packs the monetary cost of deterioration in life cycle maybe marginally more than the price of actual power consumed

  • PRO

    Petrol has also gone up significantly...


    When the next-gen energy meters and Smart-Grid become available they will be able to determine what your home engery consumption is being used for - heating, EV charging, household devices etc.

    Fair to assume we'll see an expansion of differential energy pricing ......

    For example, once EVs are mainstream it is reasonable to see drivers hit hard on power used for charging etc 🤔

    They've got to find a way of replacing fuel duty ...

  • I never charged or calculated separately for petrol when I was using petrol hedge cutters or petrol strimmers. So it has never crossed my mind to do this for battery kit.

    I believe we are only talking a few pence to charge an AP200.

    Given that the cost of charging batteries is significantly cheaper than burning two stroke petrol, there was immediately more profit when using the battery gear in any case.

    The £35p/h [or sometimes better as it is always price per task based on £35p/h in my head] I charge easily covered the small amount of petrol that the HS 56 C-e used, so the few pennies spent charging an AP200 is insignificant. Particularly when you consider that an AP 200 will give two and a half hours trigger time, whereas the HS 56 would use a [small] tank of petrol in about 40 minutes.

    If you were thinking of charging extra for the battery charging costs, then 50 pence per hour would more than cover it. It’s really not worth bothering with, that is of you are charging enough for your time to begin with.

  • PRO

    Stihl AP 300 S Battery

    281 Wh battery for the AP System



    What is kWh?
    Here's our handy guide to understanding your energy use in kW and kWh to help you get greater control of your electricity and gas bills.
  • PRO

    Around five pence.

    You have the Kilowatt hour charge for the electric plus a proportion on the daily standing charge and the charger is not 100% efficient, so some electric is lost as heat and running the fan.

    So somewhere around twenty pence for one kilowatt hour and that Stihl battery holds around a quarter of that, it’s probably actually nearer six or seven pence.

  • PRO

    Go solar.


    • PRO

      Thanks for the replies .  For my own curiosity i feel its worth addressing as my battery stock and usage increases . 

      I did think it would be pennies as Andrew suggests 7 pence , Often i have up to 6 batteries charging every evening during growing season 8 batteries not uncommon then there is battery care , battery transportation , battery storage over winter etc which all adds up to battery and tool management .  Blade replacement and blade maintenance still need to be carried out . 

      Agree Vic its not worth charging for , just charge enough but i still use some fuel driven machinery , fuel machinery costs are more transparent easier to calculate , I just want to set a figure as a starting point for the battery usage and management , apart from the high cost of the batteries on top of the shells plus all the battery care and management its not insignificant but to apply a small charge to each job would be pennies but just having the awareness there are costs involved and in view of domestic energy prices rising helps me when pricing jobs up .

This reply was deleted.

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