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Hi Everyone, 


Time to pick up a new general job roller mower, the only 3 mowers I'm interested in? They are the Hayter 48 Pro, Hayter 56 Pro (latest models), and the new Stihl RM655RS. Is anyone working any of these 3 mowers daily?

many thanks in advance Harry

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  • Actually what I'm trying to get to is, are the new Hayter Pros anywhere near as good as the old 2005 or earlier Hayter pros? Ignoring the rubbish produced between 2006 and 2018. Thank you 

  • Harry, We have just bought our second new model Hayter 56 Pro, we are cutting over 6000 sq mts a week with them, you will not find anything that is as good in the wet, fantastic build quality - they are 90% new design and yes we would have not entertained the previous model which was garbage, don't confuse the new model with the old it is light years away.

    We did look at the Stihl before buying the second Hayter Pro but had doubts about the build quality and whether the gearbox is up to the job, they used to be badged as Viking and the gearboxes were made of chocolate !! They are also I think more money than the Hayter.

    The first new model Hayter we have run hard for 15 months and not had any faults or issues, which I think in a commercial environment is very good.

    The lack of height adjustment on the handles is a pain but we put up with it because it really is exceptional in the wet, the sensa speed forward speed control does take a bit of getting used to - the further you push the handle the greater is the forward speed but to summarise we cannot find a better roller mower and will be buying more.

    We did have a Toro Prostripe on demo which is basically the same machine but has a Kawasaki engine and 3 speed gearbox, didn't like it 1st gear crawl, 2nd gear faster crawl, 3rd gear sprint ! also it wasn't possible to feather the drive in slowly, the drive snatches so mowing around trees etc gently is impossible without disengaging the drive and pushing it and they are £500 more than the Hayter - don't buy one .

    Hope all that helps, any questions let me know.

    • PRO

      Hi peter 

      when you mention wet collection, is that mowing communion 

      areas..factories...large open spaces....that aren't fertilised ?

      how would it cope with domestic lawns fortnightly cut being 

      fed by the likes of greenthumb soaking wet with 2 inch top 


      • No problem, but we have yet to try it in the communion areas you ask about as we believe these are inside churches which are currently closed due to covid, fumes might be a problem !!!

    • Thank you Peter, question for you, is there any difference in th Hayter 56 model brought out 18 months ago and the one they are selling now? I had heard some thing about a new blade set up?

      Many thanks 

      • Harry, The answer is no, the second Hayter Pro we bought a couple of weeks ago is identical to the first we bought 15 months ago.

        As to the blade, Hayter did modify the blade I think last Autumn, it was good with the original blade, we bought a modified blade which we fitted to the first machine, it's now exceptional. The second machine came with the modified blade as standard.

        If you are going to buy a Pro and want to check if dealers stock has the new type blade, the original blade had deep serrations on the end of the blade - if you can imagine a comb with some teeth missing is probably the best way to describe. The new blade is solid at the tips of the blade.

        I really would not hesitate in recommending you buy one, I have been in the trade 40 years and as you can imagine have used every make and model and this machine is undoubtedly the best roller mower on the market when you consider collection and build quality, we would have not bought a second machine if we weren't happy and will probably be adding a third shortly.

        Hope that answers your queries, anything else let me know.

      • Harry, forgot to say they come with a 2 year commercial use warranty, but from our experience I don't think you will ever need it.

        • my 48 pro had a leaky gearbox after season 1. then that sorted with winter service with the speed reduction kit fitted too and now the bbc top pulley broke so it was useful but all. 2020 models have a stronger bbc top pulley so shouldnt be a problem hopefully

  • PRO

    Hi Harry 

    the stihl/Viking mowers are great for heavly fertilised lawns in the wet

    as I remember you had one once.....deep decks plastic boxes plenty 

    of airflow.....the 750 dov engine I've found as plenty of power on my

    655vr.....I can remember when they did a 655rs basically 

    same mower/engine but it had a bbc which was very problematic 

    i remember.....recently looked at the model you've mentioned but 

    not to sure on a purchase thinking have they used the same set up 

    on the new 655rs

    • Hello Mark, 

      Yes I had the VR and RS models of the Viking, second to none with wet grass collection but was plagued with drive issues and a plastic roller. I'm told the new Stihl version has a steel roller and a new superior drive system, but not 100% sure I trust Stihl have adequately upgraded the system and not just tweaked it... 

This reply was deleted.

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