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We are dealers for Portable Winch, who make a popular petrol powered capstan winch for pulling things with rope. The company also sell a perimeter wire laying machine called the PWM600MH, so we know the quality and attention to usability is going to be superb. It's not yet sold in the UK, but we think it could be really helpful for the right kind of customer.

Really looking for feedback from people in the industry about potential interest and takeup of this technology. I can link to our website if any body wants to see it, or if @Admin say that would be acceptable. It's not an online selling page, but I don't want to breach your forum rules.

I suspect for some people in the trade "robot lawn mower" is perhaps an unwanted toy for the well to do client that would have employed a gardener to do the job. But for others it offers a buiness opportunity to professionally lay the wires, set up the mowers and service them at regular intevals. Plus it's now a very popular choice for ornamental lawns and sportsgrounds that benefit from constant lawn care.

Let me know what you think.
David at Orion Forestry

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    I have a couple of customers using automowers, the mower supplier arranged the wire  install and seup. 

    Anyone buying 'on the cheap' would likely install their own wires (wouldn't they?), and those more well off would go with the mower suppliers install offering.

    That's my take, perhaps such a machine would be an investment to a sales and install company than gardeners?

    • I agree that's probably where the market it today, a small number of premium dealers offering a full package at a high price. With more of these products avaialble to tool retailers, those already selling other Husqvarna or Honda products are seeing automower sales increase, so there will be a subcontracting market for people to install them. I'm guessing your local chainsaw shop will not be interested in installing wires.

      Someone with a cable laying machine such as this could offer their install service to a dozen local automower retailers, rather than one big outfit dominating the local market.

      I don't know, but I'm hoping there are poeple out there that have seen the need for this machine and want to get set up as an expert independnat installer. Thanks for the reply.

  • Looks a well designed machine. I'd be interested in the life (and price) of the consumable parts, and how well it deals with anything like even slightly dry clay.

    Another good buisiness oportunity would be a repair service. If I had a pound for the number of times I heard 'there's a break in it somewhere', either in relation to a dog wire or mower wire. Usually it's a shitty join.  All you need is a bit of comon sense, a CAT and a signal generator, plus a spade and somethign to repair it with. Pro tip- heatshrink crimps.

    • Thanks for the questions. I'll put them to the manufacturer and post up some info on this thread.

This reply was deleted.

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