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  • doesn't look too bad to me... can't tell what it is... bay tree? eleagnus? rhododendron? been pruned a while ago,with a hedge trimmer?

    • I think it's a Rhoder mate, I probably did hit that with a. Hedge trimmer :( 

  • It is a Rhodi showing signs of Chlorosis ( iron deficency ) its yellowing between the veins of the leaf . Apply a ericeaous feed and a mulch of ericeacous compost and ideally water with rain water . 

    You don't need to trim rhodi but if needs must right after flowering would be the time to do it , its common in japan to prune azelea / rhodi into balls / shapes . I prefer a natural shape 

    • Thankyou so much for sharing your knowledge 

      I will get that sorted asap!

      have a great day 


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    • This is quite a useful book 

This reply was deleted.

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