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  • 1. secateurs

    2. hand fork

    3. stainless steel spade

    4. mower

    5. long reach articulating hedgecutter

    (really useful: rake, leaf grabber, silki saw, combi stepladder/platform, edging shears, blower, posthole digger, mattock, backpack sprayer)

    (could manage without: chainsaw, strimmer)

    • PRO

      A good question as my van is usually overloaded with uneccessary tools but my go to most versatile tools are . 

      1. A pair of vintage rolcut mini loppers picked up for 50p at a car boot , cost about 1 p to repair with a new spring washer , ideal as secateurs , cut slightlly thicker dia branches . 

      2. Burgon and Ball lawn weed knife , great for removong perrennial weeds from a lawn but my most versatile tool , cuts through turf , weeds between paving cracks , teases out weeds from borders , slices through bramble on account of its sharp serrated edge , stays sharp for ages . 

      3. Swift cordless mower x 3 batteries and charger 

      4 .Darlac hand shears 

      5 .Burgon and Ball transplanting spade   

      If i rescued the above from a flood or fire i could still make some money to live on 


    1. Stiga 740 Pwx
    2. John Deere Z535m
    3. Stihl FSA 130
    4. Stihl HSA 86
    5. Easy Lift Harness. – The huge difference that this one piece of equipment makes to working is difficult to overstate. Basically you are hedge cutting with a weightless hedge cutter. I could never now even contemplate working without it. It is a life changing device.


  • It's tough to try to pick 5. I could easily add secateurs, shears, rakes, blowers, spades, bags etc to this list, but these are the tools that come out of the van the most:

    1. Honda 476 Pro 

    2. Etesia Pro 46

    3. Stihl HLA 135 

    4. Stihl HSA 86

    5. Tudor Environmental leaf grabbers

    • Out of curiosity, is there a Honda 476 "Pro"?

      • Yeah, they only made one of them though.

        Collectors item.

  • i used to have a old spit till a social carer run over it with her car she jumped out and ran into the house before i realised what had happend i am convinced she knew what she had done  i finished the job befor she came out so i left a brick under the front and back nearside wheels then pulled my truck out of site and walked back she came out about 2 minutes after (it might be coincidence) but i had a chuckel to myself  as she only moved one brick at first 

  • 1 , hayter 56pro

    2 , stihl  Hla 86

    3 , stihl  km94

    4 , spear and Jackson leaf grabbers

    5 , jakoti shears

  • PRO

    The most essential tools in any business are a spreadsheet and the best software.

  • I think that's difficult to give a top five essential tool list with all the different tasks undertaken depending on the season.

    1, phone

    2, laptop 

    3, van 

    4, hand tools 

    4,power tools 

    Most used;


    2, plastic leave take 


    4, hedge cutters 

    5, tub trug 

    Favourite tools:

    1, Makita mitre saw with stand 

    2, Makita cordless router

    3, cordless hedge cutters 

    4, 5kg rubber mallet

    5, my 15yr old son(he's a tool!) 


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