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Pleach Tree Installation

We are very glad that the weather has been good for us, the last few days have seen us install a row of pleached carpinus to start the final phase of planting on one of our projects.

The preparation work started over 7 days ago when the site was carefully marked out, holes dug and 3 skip loads of awful material removed (see skip contents) a large delivery of planting soil and tree and shrub compost was also delivered. The base and sides of the tree pit were loosened as best as possible, kerb stones with platipus deadman anchors attached were set at the base of the holes covered with a stone drainage layer, a 15cm layer of good soil,tree and shrub compost/organic matter was mixed on site ready for back filling and placed over the anchors ready to receive the trees.

The trees arrived on time as promised by Deeepdale Trees and checked over and with the use of the truck hiab the trees were carefully loaded and moved towards there location on a tree truck barrow. Once all trees were by there holes a string line was set up to determine the exact positions, the rootballs were checked for sizes and the correct amount of material was used to set the finished levels, once in the hole the root balls were secured with platipus deadman anchors and secured, we will retension the anchors in due course as the trees begin to grow as needed. A fine perforated pipe was placed around the rootball, thereafter the mixed soil with a slow release fertiliser within was firmed in around the root ball and water was given to the trees..

Once all trees were installed and frames adjusted the frames were joined with bamboo canes and galvanised wire to the rear sections.

The next phase of planting will probably happen in Spring 2012 as the clients have yet to decide what scheme they want us to plant, watch this space..

For more information on the work that Arbour Design & Build can complete please see our website.


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  • lovely trees and they will really make a statement! I bet the preparation and planting came to almost as much as (more than?) the trees! Something that clients can find hard to understand, but it really pays off in better establishment of valuable plant material.

  • Rose, you hit the nail on the head, its something we show the clients were possible as it makes all the difference..

  • Will see what I can do...

  • 1089925665.jpegSo these are the kerbs at the base of the hole, ontop of this was the drainage and soil, layer then the rootbal and kit.1089925670.jpeg?width=750

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