Britmow 2020

Britmow 2020

Britmow weren’t aware how much of an impact attending a trade show would have on their future endeavours. In the run up to their 50th anniversary, they were exploring ideas of how to celebrate. It’s only when they met Kate Cooney from the industry charity Perennial that they got their inspiration – to do a road trip on a lawn mower. One thing led to another and they decided on a 1,000-mile road trip that would pass through significant landmarks of the Horticulture industry.

Starting from the Phoenix Iron works, now home to the Stroud Brewery but was where the first Budding lawnmowers were invented back in the 1830’s, the trip will also stop by Ransomes in Ipswich, Dennis of Derby, Allett in Stafford, the Perennial Garden at York Gate Garden in Leeds, and will finish The Signal Tower Museum in Arbroath – the most northernly point of lawnmower manufacturing in the UK.

To be able to execute this ambitious trip, Britmow had their eyes on a specific little motor – a 1974 Ransomes Motor Triple advertised on an internet auction. After a little scepticism, careful consideration and thorough interrogation of Perennial, the vendor agreed to donate the machine to the cause.

To get the machine up and running to its former glory, the students at Pershore College have kindly agreed to refurbish it so that it is MOT ready for its ambitious adventure.

However, this long journey is not only to celebrate Britmow’s birthday, but also to raise money through sponsorships and donations to raise awareness of the turf industry sector within Perennial, but also to celebrate historical as well as contemporary manufacturing of lawnmowers in the UK.

Perennial is the only UK charity dedicated to helping people within the horticulture industry, and provides free and confidential advice, support and financial assistance for people of all ages working in, or retired from, the industry.

Any donations or sponsorships would be greatly appreciated. Please see all contact information as well as websites and dedicated pages below. 

Of course, if you would like to read about another story that is familiar to Landscape Juice members, here is a link to the founder of Landscape Juice Network, my Dad’s, Mowerthon:

I am bursting with pride while writing this that my Dad was the predecessor to do this ambitious trip. Now, it’s time to support something that Dad would’ve been overjoyed to have known about, and that he would’ve whole-heartedly supported.



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If you would like to support #Britmow please donate via

For more information about Perennial, please see


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  • I hope everything goes well with your Roadtrip, I am looking forward to seeing the pictures as you progress through your journey. As Fleur has said, we are all really proud of Phils achievement and he would be doubly proud of what you are doing here and would be cheering you on. Good luck and drive safely. 

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