The recycled raised beds can used for any shape not just for squares or rectangles."you sent me the garden raised beds kits two weeks ago" the lady said on the phone " and they're great- look so good with the curvy shape that I will send you a photo this week and another one later on with the plants. "And, " she added proudly, " I did it all by myself!". sure I was pleased to hear that.Pat rang me a few weeks ago and said that she liked the idea of wavy raised beds with two levels on the grass - like the photo on the website. She has an area where the lawn is poor and she would like to grow some veg there, so she asked me if she can build this kit by herself." I am sure", I answered- "It will take seconds and is very simple to do."" you will need one long, low one and a medium, short one for the centre."I found then that she ordered both one size bigger so I rang and told her- but she had already sent a cheque.When I offered to give her change Pat said it is not necessary because she needs some edging for a gravel path that she has. Great, but the gravel path is 6 inches higher than the flower bed near it and normal -So she need a wan y terrace or retained wall to hold that level- It is exactly another use of the Enviro raised raised beds. Enviro raised bed, 22 cm high, which is ideal to use as edging for the path- I will send that do not have to square-buy garden raised beds, terraces,Lawn and gravel edgings- all made from recycled plastic.More than the sales of the day phone calls like that makes my day and I am looking forward to getting the photos.
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"I also run as a Ltd. company and have just found this on
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Hi allI wonder if any of you are in the same boat as myself? I run a LTD company from home and in effect don't have a premises as such and don't pay business rates. I pay myself a small wage and then take out dividends. All I can see that I'm…

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