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Lawn edging ideas

Lawn edging ideas

Some people still wonder why or what material, I added a video of an australian firm using metal edgings- to share some lawn edging ideas with you.


Lawn edgings ideas


In fact our matrial is much safer, Easier to cut and Will not ru

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Lawn edging

I read this week, as a fire fighter- retained (part time) about work/lesiure balance.  One recomended thing (that succesful people do) is to reduce unneeded tasks!


or how not to be like this hamster that his life seems like one very long task.






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We love our gardens

We love our gardens. All around the world there is a great proliferation of gardening bogs, articles, websites and real retail and wholesale dealers for gardening lore and products. It seems the modern world has actually increased, rather than decrea

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Garden path

Garden Pathway Edging - Doing It Ourselves

How many times have we laid down something perfect in our gardens, only to have it change character over time? I mean, we can choose among a billion subjects, really, Trees grow, flowers and perennials doub

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Hi all, hope the last few weeks were good for you. Lots of things are happening for me and some things takes too long.


The internet is amazing tool for information, as you know, think about all things that happening in many arrabs countries thanks to

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Open forum activity

Honey Badger replied to Neil James Shearer's discussion What base for laying slabs on?
"Defo wouldn't use the bodge the builder method.
I use 1part cement 6parts sharp sand mix for slabs
Have a look at  the pavingexpert web site for the best source of paving info."
3 hours ago
Tim Bucknall replied to Nigel Rawlins's discussion Laurel & Quince infection
"I agree Kevin, both of those."
4 hours ago
John F replied to Alan Neath's discussion Buddleja ( Buddlia ) Super plant of the future ?
"You can only admire the way they have learned to adapt  , Perhaps the butterflies they attract know their secret . 
Amusing though the random sites they choose to make a sudden guest appearance such as car parks , down alleyways  and their love of…"
7 hours ago
Billybop replied to Alan Neath's discussion Buddleja ( Buddlia ) Super plant of the future ?
"If the boffins were unable to modify Buddleia for food, maybe those big buds could be tweaked to have a medicinal purpose, or for bio fuel"
10 hours ago
Mike Anderson replied to Rachel Beth's discussion Should I be pruning my new green giant arborvitae?
"Thuja Green Giants usually don't require any pruning. If left unchecked, they'll grow to their great heights very quickly. If you choose to prune your green giant arborvitae, you can remove about a third of the central leader of the tree (the main…"
16 hours ago
Neil James Shearer posted a discussion
Hi,I've been asked to create a paved area using 600x600 standard slabs. Years ago when I worked on sites they laid them on sand with a sprinkling of dry cement on top, but I'm now seeing guys on YouTube (albeit in United States), laying slabs or…
17 hours ago
Neil James Shearer replied to Neil James Shearer's discussion Laying patio in half circle
"Thank you for all the help guys, sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you all. Every piece of information is so valuable and I really appreciate you all for taking the time to reply. I'm away to start the job tomorrow!
Many thanks
Neil "
17 hours ago
Dave Colton replied to Nigel Rawlins's discussion Laurel & Quince infection
"Yep I would go with shothole or eupropolella, it can be combatted with with a systematic fungicide before it gets too much of a hold."
17 hours ago
Graham Taylor replied to Peter sellers's discussion Masport mower
"I've used Masport Rotorolas for some 20 years......I've only experience with the older models with the side PTO from the engine.   These were brilliant.... reliable, cuts well and good collection in the wet.   New Rotorolas are different with…"
18 hours ago
Ricky Watkins replied to Tony @SM's discussion Laurel. Half plant has died back.
"I have a 14ft Laurel as a back fence between us and the neighbour at rear. The Laurel had a big hole in the middle which was not great privacy for either of us. i bought 3 baby laurels (1 foot) let them settle in to cover the hole. Well they were…"
18 hours ago
Ben Carter replied to Ben Carter's discussion Husqvarna Brush cutters
"Dealer is very close, like 1 mile away. That said I've never had a problem with my Stihl one so make just stick to what I know.  "
18 hours ago
Andy Pullin replied to Ben Carter's discussion Husqvarna Brush cutters
"Moving from Stihl to Husky because...?"
18 hours ago
Kevin Bradnick replied to Nigel Rawlins's discussion Laurel & Quince infection
"Hi Nigel,  I've just come across this too, in Kingswood. Only certain plants affected though. Looked like it had a powedery mildew and this 'shothole' like described on RHS website"
22 hours ago
Tony @SM replied to Tony @SM's discussion Laurel. Half plant has died back.
"If anyone is interested (I prefer to think no one had the answers!), I've recently had a better look at this. One noticable thing is that the neighbour has laid a concrete base and sited an outbuilding. I'm thinking now that he may have damaged the…"
23 hours ago
Tim Haywood replied to William Green's discussion Mower fuel charge !!!
"1.27 a litre this time last year, 1.90 now
Tony @SM replied to Alan Neath's discussion Buddleja ( Buddlia ) Super plant of the future ?
"They also have good years when in full colour, and bad years when the flowers don't last at all. It really is a miracle how they grow almost anywhere and appear to require so little nourishment. Personally, I'm not a fan. I associate them with…"

Masport mower

Still looking for that elusive relatively light, manoeuvrable roller mower, hence previous post Hayter versus Honda.Looking at the 18inch Masport rotorola at 43kg, comes with a choice of Briggs, loncin or Honda engine at differing prices.Anyone got…

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