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Sherriff Amenity has announced that it is launching some new additions to its popular fungicide packages. The new tank-mixes have been designed to combine fungicides, nutrients and adjuvants, helping to control major turf diseases including Microdoch

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Turf Availability

With the ground being so wet the idea of turfing is perhaps not high on your agenda it may surprise you to know that we have been selling turf throughout January, the quality of the grass is good for the time of year and the sandy soil on which it is

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Organic Lawn Care

Lawn care in the US or UK is no small matter. Industry statistics estimate that up to $40 billion is spent on lawns, and that in the US alone, they account for 30 million acres of land. The vast amount of money spent on lawn care is no testimony to t

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now available for all your smart mobile equipment our Royce Turf App. We are the first turf company to launch an app in the UK. On the app you will find hints and tips details

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Karsten Tomkins replied to Karsten Tomkins's discussion Income Protection
"Andrew Midgley I've started to look into claiming my premiums back through the Financial Services Ombudsman. Their advice is to first contact the insurance company and give them a chance to resolve the matter. I think I've got two angles on this -…"
3 minutes ago
Aaron Brownlee replied to Greg Francis's discussion Etesia 2019/2020 pro46 phts3
"Hi everyone newbie on here. Was searching online and I found this thread. I got the pro 46 out on demo there and ended up ordering 4 of them. Good bit of kit. The only thing I didnt like was the speed of the mower its painfully slow. So decided to…"
40 minutes ago
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Jonathan Davidson replied to Gary RK's discussion Landscaping choices have consequences .....
"Yes I saw this on Twitter earlier and made me think, whilst stood on a sodden riverbank and soft lawn (I soon packed up and went home) I recall hearing something on the radio years ago about what sized area was being turned over to parking and…"
2 hours ago
Ian Harvey replied to Gary RK's discussion Landscaping choices have consequences .....
"Next door to one of my customers replaced their whole back garden grass with fake grass last year. The whole garden is on a slope down to the house. Guess what happened one particular heavy rain storm afterwards- yes - all around the rear of the…"
2 hours ago
Gary RK posted a discussion
Taken at face value, this shows the effect landscaping choices can have on neighbours, our street-scene, and the environment? 
Multiply this by hundreds and perhaps it partly explains localised flooding? 
2 hours ago
joan bowler replied to Karsten Tomkins's discussion Garden Design on a Steep Slope
"I have my own little garden now where I grow a lot of different plants. I also did courses for gardeners at the beginning where I learned a lot of useful things."
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Fusion Media posted a blog post
Leaf collection was once a three-man job but is now a one-man job according to Mark Jaques, deputy head greenkeeper at Gillingham Golf Club – thanks to the SISIS Litamina 1200.Gillingham Golf Club has been situated in Medway, Kent for well over a…
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Honey Badger replied to Stuart white's discussion Quick books or other digital accounts.
"Mines a partnership with the wife. It was £350 12 years ago."
23 hours ago
Tim Wallach replied to Stuart white's discussion Quick books or other digital accounts.
"Thanks Gary
'Making Tax Digital' being extended to those below the VAT threshold in April 2022.
This deadline is not that far away...
Tony @SM replied to Mike Strange's discussion Artificial lawn instillation
"Another vote for real grass, here!  I'm sure the quality of artificial lawns will get better but right now they age quickly. As said upthread, they need constant attention. Of course, the real thing I dislike about them is they are artificial,…"
Gary RK replied to Stuart white's discussion Quick books or other digital accounts.
"Without knowing your full circumstances, I'd still hazard a guess that is on the very high side for a sole trader / self employed person.
A good small business specialist accountant should be your 'best friend' if you want to minimise tax liability…"