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Performance like gasoline tools, but 50 percent quieter
New: The 36-Volt garden tools from Bosch
Forward-looking battery technology with 6.0 Ah

  • Available as of spring 2015: Lawnmowers and brushcutters for professional users
  • 36-Volt tools with 6.0 Ah for high performance in professional garden care
  • Quiet, environmentally compatible and more cost-effective than gasoline tools

Bosch is one of the leading suppliers of electric garden tools for hobby gardeners and has had a definitive impact on the market for powerful tools with lithium-ion batteries. With its new cordless technology, Bosch is now entering the market for professional users. A 36-Volt system with 6.0 Ah will be available as of spring 2015, which will be used initially in four professional tools: The lawnmowers GRA 48 Professional and GRA 53 Professional with a cutting width of 48 and 53 centimeters respectively and the brushcutters GFR 42 Professional with line spool and GFR 25 Professional with metal blade. Bosch thus for the first time offers cordless garden tools that represent a genuine alternative to performance from gasoline-operated professional tools, but which clearly surpass them as far as low noise levels are concerned: They are at least 50 percent quieter than gasoline tools. They are thus easy on the hearing of users, residents and passers-by.

Lower noise intensity and additional advantages over gasoline tools
The cordless Bosch brushcutter with metal blade, for example, works at a noise level of only 79 decibels, which corresponds to the sound of a vacuum cleaner. In contrast to this, a gasoline-engine brushcutter generates around 100 decibels and is thus as loud as a pneumatic breaker.

The vibrations of a gasoline engine are also higher than the smooth running electric motor. Gasoline exhaust gases place an additional burden on users and the environment. A further disadvantage of gasoline tools is that they are sometimes difficult to start.

Forward-looking battery system for professional garden care
In spite of these disadvantages, professionals today still prefer to use gasoline-powered tools to care for parks and gardens. The reason is that they currently believe the available battery systems do not offer the performance required for professional applications and can be sensitive to moisture. The new Bosch system solves this problem: With the new lawnmowers and brushcutters, with an hours usage the same area can be completed as with a gasoline-powered tool. This is possible thanks to the 6.0 Ah lithium-ion battery with unique CoolPack technology from Bosch.

Its aluminum cooling fins reliably protect the cells against overheating and ensure that the battery fully utilizes its capacity even during intensive applications. A high amount of energy is constantly drawn from the battery. This ensures consistently higher motor performance than that which is achieved using conventional batteries. Unlike previous systems on the market the battery is also weatherproof because the cells are sealed, enabling the batteries to be stored, transported and used without any problems even in rain. This maximizes the utilization rate of the tools. An LCD display in the battery informs users about the charge state, the number of charge cycles and turns automatically into the correct reading position when used in the lawnmowers or brushcutters. As with the battery, the matching charger is also weatherproof. It charges the battery with ten amperes of charging current to 80 percent in 30 minutes, and to 100 percent in 42 minutes. This ensures uninterrupted work because the battery is recharged faster than it is discharged during use in the tool.

First tools in the 36-Volt professional program: Lawnmowers and brushcutters
Both the lawnmowers GRA 48 Professional and GRA 53 Professional as well as the brushcutters GFR 42 Professional and GFR 25 Professional operate with maintenance-free, brushless EC motors with a long service life an advantage over maintenance-intensive gasoline engines. Simply push the button on the cordless tools ‒ and the work can begin.

Both of the Bosch Professional lawnmowers with 48 and 53 centimeters cutting widths give a professional mowing performance. Powered by two 36 Volt 6.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries, both lawnmowers offer a high output with a long service life. Each of the two batteries can be recharged in around 40 minutes, whereby the charging costs correspond approximately to the cost of running three to four 60-Watt bulbs that are turned on for one hour a further advantage over cost-intensive gasoline tools. Thanks to the land drive with variable speed control, the work rate can be adapted to the respective lawn conditions. The drive also runs independently of the blade which is an advantage, for example, if gravel paths have to be crossed in between mowing lawns. The cutting height can be adjusted conveniently between 20 and 70 millimeters: The one-handed height adjustable cut lever allows for quick adjustments in all lawn conditions.

The grass box capacity is 69 or 75 liters respectively. A mulching accessory kit is available as an option for use when the grass does not need to be collected.

The Bosch Professional brushcutters can be used in all weather. They have a powerful EC motor with direct drive and are distinguished by their cutting system: The GFR 42 Professional is equipped with a line spool for
light to medium vegetation, the GFR 25 Professional comes with a metal blade for use in thicker vegetation. In combination with a large selection of cutting accessories ‒ different line thicknesses and blades for almost every
application ‒ both brushcutters offer the high performance required by professionals in their everyday work. Both versions have excellent balance, which contributes to effortless work even on long working days. The switches are installed on the ergonomic two-hand grip, making intuitive operation possible and ensuring that users always have maximum control over the tool.

The garden tools from the Bosch Professional program are available as of spring 2015 in specialist retail outlets and at motor specialists:

the lawnmower GRA 48 Professional for 1199 euros,

  • the lawnmower GRA 53 Professional for 1349 euros,
  • the brushcutters GFR 42 Professional and GFR 25 Professional including shoulder harness for 599 euros each,
  • the battery GBA 36V 6.0Ah Hw-D Professional for 369 euros,
  • the charger AL 36100 CV Professional for 199 euros.

The battery and charger are not included in the equipment supplied with the tools. All prices are recommended retail prices excluding VAT.

Comprehensive accessories, such as blades for lawnmowers and brush cutters including line spools, are available in the Bosch Accessories program.

For more info visit: www.bosch-professional.com/garden

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