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A new Etesia Attila 98X ride-on brushcutter is helping the luxurious Higher Wiscombe farm and holiday cottages live up to its glowing reputation.

Higher Wiscombe is a 52-acre farm with a cluster of four exceptional holiday cottages in its centre. It i

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The Etesia Attila mower has become synonymous with cutting high, dense vegetation in difficult terrain. Now, Etesia UK is pleased to announce it is available as a fully automatic robotic mower with the use of an iPad.

3314782719?profile=RESIZE_320x320The Etesia SKD ExxDrive has been

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Open forum activity

James replied to Lee Davis's discussion New mower time!
"I have a honda hrx537 hy and weibang 53asd
Can't go wrong with either. 
Weibang with a highlife blade and a dedicated mulching blade leave a phenomenal finish. Better than the honda but if grass is long or wet it can stick underneath and completely…"
4 minutes ago
Tim Wallach replied to Tim Wallach's discussion Gadgets that were surprisingly useful: catcher on hedge trimmer
34 minutes ago
Tim Wallach posted a discussion
Impulse buys/ gadgets that turn out to be useful!Bought a Stihl catcher that is easy to put on/ remove.  It just slides on and off.    Helps when doing tops of hedges to bring down debris.  Would be perfect if longer.  
35 minutes ago
Honey Badger replied to Lee Davis's discussion New mower time!
"Kaaz, lawnflite and cobra pro are all old model rebranded honda's. Probably with the same chocolate honda gear box.
The honda hrx hy models have a hydrolic fluid gear box, apparently far more durable than orginal honda gear boxes acourding to honda…"
1 hour ago
Stephen r Brook-Smith replied to Lee Davis's discussion New mower time!
"Apologies I thought
you said HRH but I have owned the hrx 
yes could go roller , but nothing I've used collects like the cobra :) "
2 hours ago
Lee Davis replied to Lee Davis's discussion New mower time!
"I think the lack of mulching puts me off. Having used a dedicated mulcher I've come to regard it as essential for the health of the lawns now. I think if I was going to buy a machine without mulching it would have to be a roller."
2 hours ago
Stephen Kennard updated their profile
3 hours ago
Lee Davis replied to Lee Davis's discussion New mower time!
"Thanks Stephen, I wasn't really aware of that brand but they do look amazing. I'd say similar price to Honda currently though. "
3 hours ago
Stephen r Brook-Smith replied to Lee Davis's discussion New mower time!
"I have the Hondas and won't be buying another , as I bought a cobra pro M53HST as a back up and it's knocked the smoke out of every other mower I've bought including stihls and etesias and are a lot cheaper 
they do a kaaz. , lawnflite , cobra…"
4 hours ago
Lee Davis replied to Lee Davis's discussion New mower time!
"My Hayter has variable speed, not hydrostatic, but I've always just kept it on full speed. My dedicated mulcher is self-push, so if i hit a section of lawn that doesn't mulch very well I just pull it back and go over it again. I suppose with a…"
4 hours ago
Catherine Rose replied to James's discussion Overseeding
"I need to aerate, scarify, level, seed and top dress next week too. How often should you water with a sprinkler and for how long? "
5 hours ago
Peter sellers replied to Lee Davis's discussion New mower time!
"Hydrostatic drive is a fantastic option when mulching or collecting as the speed is infinately variable to the conditions, as to robustness I would have no concerns ours are doing 30 plus hours a week with multiple operators who abuse them . Not…"
6 hours ago
Lee Davis replied to Lee Davis's discussion New mower time!
"Thanks for your reply Peter. I've been out to a couple of Honda dealers today. I liked the relative lightness of the HRX 476, but was worried about how robust it was in comparison to the HRD 536 HX and Weibang. I'm also still unsure of the benefits…"
7 hours ago
Vic 575 replied to James's discussion What is average cost for mowing a garden?
"At those very low rates Lee, I could find you a lot of work. I effectively pay my strimmer man between £40 and £55 per hour [price per job so the faster he works the higher his hourly rate] and he is using my equipment and fuel."
10 hours ago
Clive replied to James's discussion Overseeding
"A daily water for 4 weeks may be good for the soul, but it eats into your earning potential time. "
11 hours ago
Stephen r Brook-Smith replied to Stephen r Brook-Smith's discussion Please help , what is eating my lily’s!!!??
"I didn't realise they wrrr that big , jeez
the spray must be ineffective ?"
11 hours ago

New mower time!

Hi guys. I've been in business 7 years and it appears to be time to buy a new mower. I've been using a Hayter 41 Pro roller and AS 420 Superclip mulching mower, the combo has worked well. But I managed to wreck the engine on the Hayter and it's £530…

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10 Replies · Reply by James 4 minutes ago
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Just after some input from you guysGoing to be doing a lawn scarification and overseed/top dress but because of the naff weather we have had it has taken me ages to get the weedkiller down on the lawn. I have to wait 4 weeks before seeding and that…

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16 Replies · Reply by Catherine Rose 5 hours ago
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