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New ProTurf Analysis from ICL

ICL has announced the launch of ProTurf 15-5-15 + 2CaO + 2MgO, a new analysis to join the popular range of ProTurf fertilizers.            

Over the last few years, ProTurf has become the number one choice for turf managers who are looking to significantly improve the health and presentation on a wide range of turf types including sportsfields, stadia, golf courses and racecourses.

The ProTurf range was the first to utilise the mineral polyhalite, a naturally occurring form of potassium, calcium and magnesium, which is mined at ICL’s own mine in Cleveland. ProTurf fertilizers provide a strong immediate growth response and a deep green-up colour, combined with a 2-3 month longevity.

The new analysis has been created as a result of customer feedback, after users reported that they would like a product containing a slightly higher level of nitrogen to kick-start growth in the spring. Taking the feedback on-board, ICL formulated the new ProTurf 15-5-15 analysis to provide an enhanced boost of nitrogen along with balanced levels of potassium and phosphorus. The calcium and magnesium are designed to support turf needs on sand based constructions.

Groundsmen and greenkeepers cannot only expect a greater kick-start of growth, even in cooler conditions, but they will also see an increased longevity along with an enhanced colour and growth response due to the Polyhalite.

Rigorous trials have already been conducted and early feedback has confirmed an overwhelming positive response with turf professionals who trialed the product reporting exceptional results.

Commenting on the launch, Henry Bechelet, ICL Technical Sales Manager for UK & Ireland said: “Over recent years we have seen ProTurf become an integral part in many turf maintenance programmes and we are delighted to be moving the range forward. This new analysis offers users of ProTurf a greater variety and it will also go a long way in providing that much needed boost in spring.

“We’ve been very excited at how it has performed throughout the trial period and I’m confident that many will be seeing the benefits of this product on their own turf.”

Please contact ICL on 01473 237100 or visit www.icl-sf.co.uk or www.icl-sf.ie if you are in Ireland. 

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