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Jim Gibbon replied to Colin Anson's discussion Conifer hedges
"I trimmed one about 3 weeks ago. Saw it yesterday and it's looking great."
9 minutes ago
Sean Clarke replied to Colin Anson's discussion Conifer hedges
"Conifers should be fine, the only evergreens I find scorch after cutting are the glossier broad-leaved varieties such as box and laurel."
6 hours ago
Sean Clarke replied to Glen Stillman's discussion Azalea mulch
"Iron sulphate is great as a top dressing for ericaceous shrubs if they need it. Most bark chip mulches are acidic, so you’re best bet is to apply a iron top dressing with a bark chip mulch. Country Supplies in Hughenden is my go-to supplier for bark…"
7 hours ago
Richard Gadsby replied to Colin Anson's discussion Conifer hedges
"Just done one today. Maybe not the best time but should be ok. Don’t cut too far back"
7 hours ago
John Powley replied to Allen Terry's discussion Mitox machines
"Garbage in my experience, a client had one of the multi tools, it was awful, unbalanced, vibrations, I could never ever get it set up properly and it would never run the same day to day.
I hated it with a passion."
9 hours ago
Craig Flatters replied to Gary RK's discussion “Fully Insured”
"If a flying stone hits someone. Serious injury etc...
I don't see how it works with anything fixable worth under £1000."
12 hours ago
Richard Wilkinson replied to Ian Kenyon's discussion Finding staff - where?
"Hi, We have found that Indeed.com was the most successful advert we used. We have had a couple through facebook but they couldnt drive! just hired 2 new skilled guys, both came for trial days and were really good. Had about 6 apply for the job but t…"
14 hours ago