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Keith Porter, head groundsman at Leigh Sports Village in Greater Manchester, has added to his fleet of Dennis mowers by purchasing four G860 cylinder mowers and four PRO 34R rotary mowers.

Leigh Sports Village certainly lives up to its name…

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A recent school grounds seminar held at Charterhouse in Surrey has been hailed a huge success by all who attended.

The event attracted over 50 delegates from all levels as several topical issues were explored and discussed. Supported by…

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Fleur Voice’s blog post was featured
Studies report that burglary is one of the most emotionally impactful crimes to be a victim of. The prevention of being succumbed to it is always at the back of our minds – is anything on show? Are all the windows closed? Did you definitely lock the…
51 minutes ago
Rory replied to Karsten Tomkins's discussion Shrubs, Trees, Foundations, (Underground drainage pipes?)
"not very deep for a sycamore, even large species of field maple barely get to lower than 1meter "
12 hours ago
Rory replied to Paul's discussion Beech hedge reduction - tools required?
"Paul what I mean is they'd come in and do the job for you, The tree lads are pretty much used to working these jobs so they'd fly through it and be gone with everything chipped and cleaned. it is certainly something for you to consider in the future…"
13 hours ago
Jon Davidson replied to Ian Parkes's discussion decent winter gloves
"I will have to give the above Skytec Argon a try as others of this type i have used in the past I have found not that great and ive some poor circulation in the right hand
Untill they get wet I have found the briers thermal riggers good, but they ar…"
14 hours ago
Ben Carter replied to Sam Aldis's discussion Cowboy Landscaper Experiences
"Hi Sam
There are plenty of rouges out there but there are also plenty of good sole traders and companies (many of whom are on this site) that carry out work like this on a regular basis.  Its down to the client to carry out due diligence and ensure…"
14 hours ago
Mark replied to John Dillon's discussion Scarifier
" John
I use a Bannerman scarifier - 
Fantastic machine to use - tough, very easy to adjust the blade height while working so you can get the depth you want.
I also have a virtual…"
John F replied to Oliver clarkson's discussion Km94
"Although a long shot a previous stihl strimmer i once owned ran very erratically and i only discovered the problem oneday after it wouldn't turn off so had to pull the rubber boot off the spark plug and  in doing so received an electric shock . 
Ed Fox replied to Ian Parkes's discussion decent winter gloves
"+1 for skytec argon. Very very warm and rubber coating is really tough and lasts for ages. Screwfix used to do them though i think i bought online last time. I do construction and only go through 1 pair over the colder months they are that tough.
Sam Aldis replied to John Dillon's discussion Scarifier
"My only experience with a powered scarifier is the sch rr3 rotor raker. We've rented it dozens of times over the past 10 years as it can be towed behind a ride-on as well as pushed. The main downside is the lack of a collector, but I would imagine a…"
Sam Aldis posted a discussion
Last year an elderly neighbour had his tennis court removed and turf laid over the top.Despite frequent watering, it quickly dried up and died during the summer, leaving a large brown rectangle in the middle of his otherwise attractive garden.He ask…
Graham Taylor replied to Oliver clarkson's discussion Km94
"Coils can have an intermittent problem......I'd buy a new coil.... about £50.  Open the box carefully so if it doesn't do the trick, you can resell it on Ebay as "new" without losing much money.  Funnily enough, I picked up a replacement carb for my…"
Oliver clarkson replied to Oliver clarkson's discussion Km94
"New plug also fitted as well. Thanks"
John F replied to Oliver clarkson's discussion Km94
"I had re occurring problems with mine starting and running eratically , Advice was to get a new carb but first i tried several repairs within my comfort zone and thought i had cracked it but machine started to play up again . 
I took it to a new loc…"
Adam Pilgrim replied to Oliver clarkson's discussion Km94
"Has the machine had a new spark plug fitted? A small piece of carbon rattling round in the spark plug 'nose' gives exactly the syptoms you describe - had it twice this week myself oddly as it hasn't happened for a good while!"
Oliver clarkson replied to Oliver clarkson's discussion Km94
"New carb 10 days ago. So I'm thinking if I spend the money on the coil and it ain't that, I've got a machine with new parts on it that doesn't do the job."
Dave Colton replied to Oliver clarkson's discussion Km94
"I have to have 2 new carbs fitted  by the dealer on mine they are made of cheese, mine is not working again and I'm not throwing anymore money at it. It's only 18 months old. "


Evening.Has anyone experienced running problems with the km94 rc? It will run two days no problems 4+ hours a day, then it's a new day runs a couple of hours and starts running really badly, switch it off for 10 minutes starts no problem and runs…

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