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Many people experience the frustration of having their lawn invaded by weeds, there may be just one dandelion to start with, but let it flower and seed and there will soon be a hundred!

So what can be done about this?

Firstly do NOT make the mistake that many people do and think 'I'll dribble some Roundup on that....' - works a treat at killing the weed but also kills the grass meaning you end up with lots of little dead patches in the lawn where the weeds used to be. Looks even worse than the weeds did and takes AGES for the grass to grow back.

Secondly, we wouldn't recommend the use of a 3 in 1 product such as weed, feed and mosskiller. Firstly these products actually complicate the task as you are effectively feeding the weed that you are trying to kill as it has just received a lovely dose of fertiliser to make to grow, also we have yet to find one that give effective results on all lawn weeds, in fact white clover often seems to grow better after these products have been applied!

You could dig them all out by hand, but this can be difficult and very, very time consuming, especially if you have a large lawn.
Also remember that any small piece of weed root left, especially those of dandelions - WILL grow back....

So what does this leave us with?

SELECTIVE LAWN WEEDKILLERS - these products actively kill lawn weeds but don't affect the grass in the same way that Roundup or other gyphosphate based weedkillers do.

Verdone is possibly the best known of the liquid lawn weedkillers and can be bought from the garden centre as can Vitax Lawn Clear - many of you may have tried these products in the past and had differing or poor results. They can also be time consuming and fiddly to apply needing a watering can with a fine rose and a LOT of trips backwards and forwards to the tap to refill it, as well as the time spent measuring out the area, avoiding overlaps and most frustratingly running out of concentrate just a few metres short of the end of the lawn - which invariably seems to be the patch where most weeds are!...

So what other options are there?

Talk to your local, independent lawn maintenance professional!

Due to licensing restrictions homeowners are simply not allowed to buy many of the most powerful and hence effective, lawn weed killing chemicals.

Whereas there are only a handful of relatively expensive products available to homeowners, professional users have access to a wide variety of different products, most of which are much, much stronger than can be bought in the garden centre.

ANP Services Spalding are NPTC qualified for application of selective herbicides (the full title for lawn weedkillers) via knapsack sprayer and we will be able to assess whether your lawn needs spot treating for small areas of weeds or needs fully 'blanket spraying' for total coverage.

We can quickly and effectively cover large areas with our 1 metre spray per pass spray width coupled to our 20 litre capacity Cooper Pegler knapsack sprayer and careful use of a spray head shield where necessary means that your prized border plants will not be affected by spray drift.

We offer free no obligation quotations on this service and can also provide all year round care for your lawn, including regular professional mowing, fertilising, moss control and scarifying.

As with most independent lawn care professionals, there is no pressure with us to 'sign up' to a full year round package, we won't sell you things that you don't actually need and we will carry out all treatments at the seasonally correct time.

If you would like a quote to professionally treat your lawn or grassed area for weeds and you are within our coverage area, feel free to contact us:

Office - 01775 830250 - Mobile - 07745 247488

Email - info@lawncarespalding.co.uk

Website - www.anpservicesspalding.com

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It is always a shame when a nursery is prepared to let someone buy a poor specimin like this in the first place - at least if you go and choose one, you will make sure it does not have co-dominent leaders!"
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"Thanks for that Phil. It gave me the opportunity to revise.  Sorry to learn of your condition. Hope you are on the mend."
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"Agree ive got the orginal Klippo version before Husqvarna brought them over. Bullett proof"
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I fixed a 12V winch permanantly  to the stump grinder, as well as my own anchor point design next to the van's bulkhead several years ago.  The cabled anchor point secures the machine whilebeing  transported, and has been used to pull the m…"
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"We use a couple of Husky 553se bioclips.
Guys love them. Simple, Honda engine, great anti vibe handles that can be offset (..and also collaspe), single lever height adjustment."
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Matt Hallett replied to Matt Hallett's discussion Stiga Twin Clip Mowers
"The other option is the Husqvarna 451 as both alloy decks and similar specs. Thanks for ur input on the 551.. Nobody seems to use the stiga pedestrian mowers down here in Dorset"
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