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Winter on its Way?

As predicted last month, the wet weather has arrived, although it’s still reasonably mild and grass on greens and pitches in general is still growing. But the 'auld enemy' is creeping in and showing her hand.

Even in strong swards moss has built up an

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As part of its plan to significantly increase business and provide customers with the highest level of service, Complete Weed Control has appointed Ben Smith as a new member of its head office team with immediate effect.

3314216495?profile=RESIZE_480x480A former general manager at In

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Do you own or run a Guest House, B and B, pub or hotel in Lincolnshire?

Would you like more customers, turnover and profit? - of course you would!

There's one very simple way to increase your passing trade, which as we all know, often leads to recommen

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Proud dad John Allen has been steadily expanding his successful Complete Weed Control business over the last 20 years, which has seen him also take on a second territory, enabling his son Richard to help in building a strong family enterprise.When he
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2 hours ago
Fusion Media posted a blog post
ICL and Syngenta have expanded the Turf Rewards family to bring you even more budget and time saving rewards for 2021.Turf Rewards provides the opportunity for customers to earn points from purchases that can then be exchanged against a fantastic…
3 hours ago
Angela Lambert posted a blog post
Garden makeover shows vs customer expectations. A rant. I'm not normally one for ranting on social media, but I spotted a question in one of the landscaping forums on a well known social media platform this weekend - all about qualifying the…
4 hours ago
Adam Woods replied to Gaz's discussion Wild garlic
"I'm doing the same thing with Spanish Bluebells - the first year I got them down by around 70%, last year a few more, now this year, a few are just starting to poke through, and they will be removed one by one  - next year there should be none that…"
6 hours ago
Glen Stillman replied to Gaz's discussion Wild garlic
"Wild garlic are pretty tough bulbs and I don't think glyphosate will be very effective. I wouldn't want to use the other chemicals you mention in a border as they hang around in the soil for too long. "
7 hours ago
David Benson replied to Gaz's discussion Wild garlic
"24D is suposed to be efetive but it may take up to 4 years to get rid you spray at the back end of the year "
15 hours ago
David Benson replied to Stephen r Brook-Smith's discussion Any ideas what to do with this please guys n girls...
"the site seems to be on a slope if it is the stream or spring running under the lawn could you pipe it away or under the lawn 
the lawn will have got comacted and will need airating and maby top dressing and seeding with a mix that is sutable for…"
15 hours ago
Geoff Norfolk replied to Gaz's discussion Wild garlic
"Never dealt with wild garlic but I suspect it's one of these "weeds" that will be impossible to get rid of by digging............ there will always be something left.   Once there's some decent growth in the spring, I'd try a herbicide.... Roundup…"
15 hours ago
Glen Stillman replied to Gaz's discussion Wild garlic
"As above, more digging I'm afraid. It's a prolific self seeder, so if it's been allowed to flower and seed in the past you won't get rid of it in one season. "
16 hours ago
Daniele and Karen Crawshaw joined Landscape Juice Network
17 hours ago
Billybop replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl hsa 86
"Cheers Peter I find that reassuring, thanks"
18 hours ago
Peter kermarrec replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl hsa 86
"It could of been the front trigger handle jamming and yes it was very wet at the time. Thanks for your feedback billy"
18 hours ago
John F replied to Gaz's discussion Wild garlic
"They go to great lengths to protect wild garlic on the lane where i live but it gets in garden borders and takes over . 
I tend to dig it out before it flowers to reduce the bulk its a painstaking job not to be rushed , I personally like it when its…"
18 hours ago
Billybop replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl hsa 86
"Was it possible Peter that the bar on the handle nearest the blades was jammed into the on position by a small piece of twig or other debris. And you squeezed the rear triggers and the machine ran.  Or did it happen when you picked the machine up by…"
18 hours ago
Honey Badger replied to Stephen r Brook-Smith's discussion Any ideas what to do with this please guys n girls...
"I just use straight up sharp sand from the builders merchant,I've never noticed any negative effects to lawns or plants, in over a a decade of using it. I'm sure some purist's would disagree, but it works and is much cheaper than washed Hort sand.…"
18 hours ago
Sam Smith replied to Karsten Tomkins's discussion Garden Design on a Steep Slope
"You can worry too much about this sort of thing but anything to do with retaining walls, shallow footings of ancient properties, subsidence and safety can get you into deep poo.  I also worry about raised decking.  You should know your shit if you…"
18 hours ago

Wild garlic

Last year I took over the maintenance of a garden, there is a border approx 30m X 2m that had loads of wild garlic growing, I spent ages digging the bulbs out but already there is loads appearing again, has anyone got any ideas how this can be…

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Stihl hsa 86

Hi i am looking at moving over to the stihl battery tools and i am looking for pro and cons of the stihl battery tools is it worth moving over from petrol and how do people rate the stihl hse 86 hedge cutter?

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