Stop Wasting Time On Site Visits

Stop Wasting Time On Site Visits

Morning All,

It's freezing cold down here in Essex and I don't think there'll be much pointing, planting or turfing done here for a few days.  It's good to see though that the enquiries are still coming in for both of our B2C businesses - Holland Landscapes and Tapestry Design studios.  However, I'm very concious that not every enquiry will lead to a job and so as I get older and wiser, I'm trying to be a bit more canny about handling enquiries.  

Time is money. And this article on my website (see link below) addresses the problem of wasting time on unproductive site visits and/or making more site visits than are absolutely necessary.

To help me qualify a sales lead, I use a customer enquiry form.  Either I go through the questions with the prospective client on the phone, or I email it to them. That gives me a good idea of whether or not a person is serious about having their garden landscaped or is looking for free ideas. It also gives me a clue as to whether they have the right idea about what landscaping costs.   

You can download the form from the useful documents section of the My Garden Design website - you do need to be registered on the site to see that section, but that only takes a few seconds and it won't generate loads of spam emails.

Saving time whilst on site is also an issue - if you have to make several site visits to gather information, you're doing horrendous things to your carbon footprint as well as using time and fuel.

Read this blog to discover how to be more savvy when it comes to site visits.

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Oliver clarkson replied to Oliver clarkson's discussion Dog in van at work.
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Thanks "
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Does anyone else use heated jackets eg Bosch, Makita, etc. And how are we managing to organise work with this early onset of winter
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