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Day 3 

  Road pins and string line

Edge restraints, edging kerbs, kerbs must be installed to the perimeter of a permeable driveway where there is no solid edge to work to, ie garage or house.  A standard block paving driveway edging kerbs will be bedded on a concrete bed to a depth of approximate 100mm, they will be haunched behind the kerb with concrete at an angel of 45 degrees and 80mm below the top of the kerb for the lawn or paving etc to marrying in to the kerbstone, this concrete haunching stops the kerbs from moving.

The edging kerb installation for a permeable driveway must have concrete at the sub grade, final excavation level, and not the conventional 100mm depth of concrete bedding, the reason for such a large bulk of concrete is to prevent the surface water seeping away under the kerbs once it has permeated into the sub base, its acts as a form of dam or barrier which keeps your surface water on your property which will filter away into the earths surface.

Kerbstone concrete bedding

The concrete is poured straight from the shute to the required levels and position, an edging kerb is used to check the correct levels or a marking on the shovel.

Kerbs installation and concrete backing

The kerbstones are installed on the concrtete bedding and haunched at the rear of the kerb, all kerbs are installed level and to the string line.

Edging kerb installation


As the edge restraints are installed they are cleaned of concrete immediately.

Completed edging kerbs

The curving edging stones are completed to the correct levels, curves and spotlessly clean

Day 4

32 tons of 40mm clean stone is delivered, this stone is leveled, raked and rolled to a depth of 300mm below FFL, Finish floor level, is depth will allow for 200mm clean 20mm stone laid at 100mm each layer and consolidated, 40mm of clean 6mm screed consolidated and 60mm for the block paving unit.

Consolidation of sub base stone

The levels have now been brought up to the required 300mm below FFL, the Bomag roller has compacted the stone, lines and levels have been used to dip the lower sub base and the make up required sprayed on the floor for the excavator driver to see has much make up is required.

Compacted 40mm sub base

Panorama view of passive house and permeable driveway preparation

Permeable sub base

Day 5

20mm permeable stone


96 tons of 20mm clean stone is brought in by 6 x 16ton lorries, the material is leveled and dipped from a stringline to 200mm below FFL, this layer is the first of two at 100mm and consolidated with the Bomag

100mm layers rolled


The roller passes over the 100mm layer of 20mm sub base

Compaction to all perimeters


The first of two garages has the 20mm stone installed in two layers, the perimeters are consolidated with a wacker plate. I will save the installation of both garages for rainy days but the preparation is undertaken first.

Permeable driveway preparation


Once the first layer of 100mm stone is installed and consolidated the second 100mm layer is installed to 90mm below FFL.

Extreme care is taken when using the roller near the zinc roofing, soffits, gutters and down pipe, all perimeters have the compaction plate to consolidate.

Second layer of permeable stone

The second layer of stone installed at 90mm below FFL just needs to be consolidated before the next stage.

Day 6 

Grading the stone


Works continue to install the second 100mm upper sub base layer, the bulk of the stone is moved swiftly with the excavator, once shifted we return back to the start and grade the stone off to the required depths and levels.

Finish block paving 60mm below kerb

Knowing that my final level against all kerbs will be 60mm below top of kerb we use the block paving unit as an exact guide for dipping and levels of stone

Dipping the stone at 100mm


Once the entire area has been graded off and compacted the over depth required is 100mm, this will allow for the next stage of the 6mm screed at 40mm and the block paving units of 60mm

Compaction of the upper sub base layer


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