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Day 22

Tobermore Sienna Silver

The 450x450x35mm Tobermore Mayfair Silver paving slabs are loaded out corner to corner so not to trap fingers and also its much easier for the installer to move the paving from the stack to the laying face.

As always the full units are installed first.

Radius cuts to paving slabs

Once all the full paving units are installed to the correct falls and levels the cuts can commence.

Grono Lawns

For the external radius paving cuts I simply lay the full units in place with the correct spacing's and free hand the radius with a hard pencil, I'm not looking for the final result just yet, I'm just keen to install the cut paving with tight joints against the darker block paving units.

The finesse will occur once all the paving is installed.

With all cutting a 8x4 sheet of ply is used and an additional section of ply as the cutting board, this ensures that the diamond blade doesn't scar the installed patio below.


Paving installation Devon


Fading light stops the paving installation, at the end of each paving cutting day the entire paving is brushed and the dust washed off ready for pointing.

Tobermore paving

All edges of the paving has been cleared of excess mortar ready for another day of cutting and installing paving slabs. Should the excess not be removed then time will need to be spent removing the "snots" before works commence.

Day 23

Patio Contractor Devon

Using a diamond blade on an angle grinder the finesse cuts to the paving radius perimeters and block paving commences, I have mimicked the 10mm joints from the overall paving.

Paving contractor Devon


Kiln dried sand is brushed in the joints of the block paving and a pass of the wacker ensures the blocks are tight

Raduis cuts on paving

Sand is brushed into the Grono artificial lawn, this will assist the pile remaining upright.

Garden Designer Devon

The entire paving is washed ready for the polymer compound, the makeshift tool shed is dismantled ready for the electricians.

Landscape Designer Devon

The entire project is washed down. The circular black sleepers are re installed on a bed of concrete and haunched.

Black sleepers

Day 24

White crushed glass

 The remaining 20 paving slabs took 2.5 days to arrive from Tobermore, Belfast, very impressed with the service.

These slabs are now installed and the angle grinder work to the perimeter is now complete.

Planting plans Devon

The plants from our whole sale supplier arrive too, and I'm very keen to position them and when happy with what I see they are dug into the planters.

8x Deschampsia Goldtau
12x Stipa arundinacea
8x Uncinia Rubra
8x30cm Buxus Semperveriens
3x70cm Buxus Semperveriens
6x1.8m Cupressus sempervirens
16x Ophiopogon Nigrescens
2 large phormium

Stainless steel water feature

I have dressed the planters with a recycled 3mm crushed white glass, I admit it looks a beige colour at the moment but this will all change once I wash the glass.

Artificial lawn base

The concrete base for the artificial lawn is mixed and installed, once the concrete has gone off I will bore holes and infill with 3mm gravel for drainage.

The entire project is power-washed. I require one dry day to complete, Am I asking too much ??

 Day 25

Contemporary garden Devon


 80mm drainage holes have been bored into the concrete base for drainage below the new artificial turf and adhered in place with Aquapond

All wallings have had a fresh coat of paint

Modern rear Garden

Kiln dried sand has been brushed into the joints of the block paving square pads

The entire paving has been pointed with sika pavefix grey

Rear modern landscape design Devon

All cables have been pulled through the electric ducting, now the electrician can connect the lighting and water feature.

Just awaiting the delivery of the black rattan g plan seating and table.

Day 26 


Contemporary garden design Devon


Dusk images


Garden lighting in modern garden


Garden design Churston Devon


Garden Designer Brixham Devon


Landscape Design Brixham Devon


Landscaper Designer Churston


Contemporary Garden Design Churston Devon

If you require a garden design and landscaping project please contact Kerry Jackson, Jackson's Landscape Design, Newton Abbot, Devon on 01626 332533 to discuss what we can do for you.

What the clients have to say 



Kerry Jackson <info@jacksonslandscapedesign.com>




Our beautiful garden design

Hello Kerry.
This is just a message to say thank you for the fantastic garden you have built for us. The weather has not been kind to you I know, but the end result is something you can be proud of as indeed we certainly are and we really look forward to showing friends and family the finished result.  We are also hoping to spend endless summer evenings outside relaxing on the outdoor sofa's, with a glass of wine of course!
So, thanks again Kerry, it has been a pleasure and we would have no hesitation in recommending you and your design/build service and team, to anybody that wishes to have a beautiful bespoke garden built for them...you might find cheaper but you won't find better!!
Kind regards.
Dave and Julie


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  • A lovely pattern, nicely executed

  • PRO

    Do you use rubber chip in the grass?

  • Kerry, very many thanks for taking the time to put this blog together, its hugely enjoyable to see how a skilled craftsman works.

  • Great insight Kerry

  • Thank you Sue

    No Kieran I dont use a rubber chip in the grass, I use sand brushed in to assist with the pile remaining upright.

    Your very welcome Pete

    Thank you Steve London Stone

  • Good work Y :)

  • Nice work, I'm aiming to be this good, if I live long enough !

  • cracking job well put together

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