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Landscaping Runcorn


Day One: Before shots of the garden prior to makeover.








Day Two: Installation of Lower Deck Frame





Day 3: Installation of lower decking boards





Day 4: Progress on Decking Installation






Day 5: Upper Deck Installation








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Open forum activity

Clive replied to Stephen r Brook-Smith's discussion Advertisement
"I have never had business cards in all the time I've been trading. I had my van sign written and if people ask for a card I tell them to take a picture of my van which they do.
My views on Flyers. They are a thing of the past in this digital world…"
4 minutes ago
Peter Davis replied to James's discussion Clearing weeds/plants on stones
"I worked as an Ecologist involved with field research with ICI years ago.  We did hundreds of environmental field trials monitoring microarthropods, insects, bees, earthworms.  All our work was audited by the EPA in the US & even our basic lab books…"
23 minutes ago
Best Gardens replied to Ed Fox's discussion Ex-employee posting pics of my jobs on his website
"Whoever took the photos or employed someone to take photos on their behalf as part of their employement holds the copyright regardless of what they're used for - if he took them on his volition they're his to use - if not you have a copyright issue…"
24 minutes ago
Andrew Watts replied to Karsten Tomkins's discussion Income Protection
"I looked at income protection plans several years ago and found they are all about the fine print - things like your highlighting,  initial qualification periods, extensive exclusions. Basically plenty for the provider to wiggle out of paying.…"
29 minutes ago
Peter Davis replied to Harry@VWGS's discussion New Chainsaw needed.
"I must be lucky.  My 200T is over 25 years old & starts first pull.  The only problem I have ever had was when a service mechanic forgot to put the air filter back.  I see they are fetching a fortune on ebay.  If I sold mine now I would almost make…"
51 minutes ago
Jeff replied to Tom Wolf's discussion Bonfire and wet leaves - help
"Absolutely the thing to be doing. Google 'no-dig' gardening for this is the way forward. By mulching you are stopping the bare ground being exposed and compacted by winter rains. And the worms will take them down into the groundand feeding your…"
51 minutes ago
Karsten Tomkins posted a discussion
Hi Folks,I've been away for a while through many things and happenings. Anyway, I have a question relating to Income Protection.For a few years I've had it with a company called The Exeter through a broker employed by Eunisure. I tried to claim…
1 hour ago
Sunday carrigan replied to Tom Wolf's discussion Bonfire and wet leaves - help
"We always put leaves into black bags to compost , and then add to compost bins (if customer have them) the following year when we rotate the bins. "
1 hour ago
Dominic Gillespie replied to Tom Wolf's discussion Bonfire and wet leaves - help
"Start a separate fire and then add them once the fire is going properly. But TBH I tend to view wet leaves as a resource, not a pain, and throw them over the garden (TBF back in Nov rather than now). Acts as both a mulch and a weed suppressant over…"
1 hour ago
Jeff replied to Tom Wolf's discussion Bonfire and wet leaves - help
"In this day and age, should anyone be burning leaves anymore ? I know some gardens don't have room for making leafmould or,perhaps,beds for the leafmould to go on but how about 'advertising' them on freecycle or local Facebook groups. I PROMISE you,…"
1 hour ago
Honey Badger replied to John F's discussion Hedge Combing ?
2 hours ago
John F replied to John F's discussion Hedge Combing ?
"Which hedge would you like combing Sir ?? 
The one next to the Barber Que !!! "
3 hours ago
Robbie posted a blog post
14 hours ago
Billybop replied to Harry@VWGS's discussion New Chainsaw needed.
"i have the battery version of the exact same model, great pickup even on wet lawns but i have grown to dislike the mono handle on mine sadly. I had the viking cordless one before so knew the stihl would be good, although hungry on batteries. I only…"
15 hours ago
Ian Harvey replied to Harry@VWGS's discussion New Chainsaw needed.
"It's a petrol 448TC- cracking lightweight mower, but had 3 issues- poor running, which was due to governor setting (I was wanting dealer to check RPM, but they wouldn't even do that), buckled lower grass box (that was easy) and broken self prop pull…"
15 hours ago
Billybop replied to Harry@VWGS's discussion New Chainsaw needed.
"hi ian, what went wrong with it, was it a battery one, my understanding was that any official stihl dealer is duty bound to repair one of their products no matter where purchased, and that has been my experience in the past, although like yourself i…"
16 hours ago

Hedge Combing ?

Is there such a technique as '' hedge combing '' not cutting !I have had a request to comb a hedge which surrounds  garden . I have not seen the hedge but its described as evergreen and long but they dont know for sure .  never had to comb a hedge…

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