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  • Claire and Matt have presented a design for a family garden in Hackney. The landscaping will include a large artificial lawn, gabion planters and decorative screens. The client is very happy and, subject to a little tweaking of the quote, has indicat
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  • Design consultation in Victoria went well, the space was a small, over looked terrace so the challenge was to create privacy but not allow the space to feel enclosed.  Ideas for lighting include a net of fairy lights to be suspended from a pergola or
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A week in the life of a London Garden Design and Build Company - Week 24 in the Earth Designs StudioHad another enquiry from the USA. As follows:‘Hi there,We are very interested in your designs. Do you know of anyone in southern California (USA) that
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Joey figo replied to Joey figo's discussion Viking MB545 VR engine
"Hi Paul, thank you for the advice re Al-KO mowers. I'm on it 😃👍"
13 hours ago
paul watson replied to Joey figo's discussion Viking MB545 VR engine
"I have a an al-ko  470 br mower with this engine and it is excellent, just ploughs through stuff.,  Really powerful and only had the carb cleaned out in 7 yeara. So have a look for used al -ko mowers as well as viking and honda."
14 hours ago
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17 hours ago
Ben Carter posted a discussion
Thinking about changing my Brush cutter currently have a Stihl FS360 but thinking about a Husqvarna 545 RX.Anyone with any experience of the Husqvarna?Thanks in a advance.
17 hours ago
Joey figo replied to Joey figo's discussion Viking MB545 VR engine
"Hi Adam, yeah the PTO sidedrive Hayters were brilliant, no crazy gearbox to go wrong. Funny enough Ive got one here, 48, full chute, blade brake. I don't use it anymore, maybe I should 🤔
Still waiting for some geezer who left a deposit on it to come…"
19 hours ago
Etesia UK posted a blog post
The team responsible for maintaining the incredible Logan Botanic Garden have noticed several benefits since investing in a wide-range of Pellenc battery-powered equipment.Regarded as Scotland’s most exotic garden, Logan Botanic Garden is located at…
23 hours ago
Joey figo replied to Joey figo's discussion Viking MB545 VR engine
"Hi John 
Thank you for the reply, appreciate it. I'll keep an eye on the local gumtree ads, nothing showing as yet near by at the mo.
Agree on Viking mowers ! Love em. Got three, all 2nd hand before I got them. Had them all around 10 years now I…"
John F replied to Joey figo's discussion Viking MB545 VR engine
"Hi Joey I have the 545 Viking roller mower its 8 years old its an excellent machine so can understand you wanting to replace the engine . 
When Stihl stopped producing the viking i understand but not certain they just rebadged the 545 machine as…"
Adam Pilgrim replied to Joey figo's discussion Viking MB545 VR engine
"If I recall correctly, many of the Quantum engines had or could be adapted to hve a side driveshaft to run the 'power drive'. Certainly they did on the Hayter mowers, which is where they nearly all ended up.
Parts are pretty much obsolete now for…"
Stuart Bell replied to Dougie's discussion Cordless lawnmower
"I invested in an Ego battery to supplement my two petrol mowers a Hayter Pro 41 and Toro recycler.
Whilst it doesn't leave as good as a finish as the petrol it is so lightweight and I use it in gardens which have restricted access such as teps as I…"
Tim Bucknall replied to Peter sellers's discussion Hayter versus Honda
"Hayter used to offer variable speed on the 48 pro, but it wasn't up to it and used to break regularly."
Tim Bucknall replied to Phil Voice's discussion Which garden tools are best?
"If you were working for me, you'd get a bollocking and told to be more careful!  For example you say you've snapped a half-moon- I can only think you've been levering with it.  Cut with the half-moon, dig out the slice with fork or spade.  A spade…"
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Joey figo replied to Joey figo's discussion Viking MB545 VR engine
"No luck at dealers so far.
Weird thing is, there are no end of Honda engines available on eBay etc at mega low price compared to B and S ones. You'd think it would be the other way around."
Honey Badger replied to Joey figo's discussion Viking MB545 VR engine
"Nor I. I call him carrion! 🤣"
Billybop replied to Dougie's discussion Cordless lawnmower
"I am finding the AP300S's give considerably more run time in both my Stihl battery mowers compared to the standard AP300 , especially if cutting long grass short, or wet grass which uses more power. I don't use the Eco mode personally as I find it…"

Viking MB545 VR engine

Hi, been trying to source a replacement BS engine for a Viking mower in title.....with no success.I understand from Stihl/Viking that the engine at the time was a 625/675 series, 190cc and around 5.5hp. Cant find an old cheap mower anywhere with…

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stihl MS 181 carburetor advice

I am having issues with my Carburetor and would really appreciate some advice. The initial symptoms were that as I reved the chainsaw, it would bog down. I tried to adjust it, but, as the trigger was pulled, it would bog down. I took it to my local…

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Hayter versus Honda

We're looking at buying either the Hayter 48 variable speed, BBC roller or the Honda HRX 476 QY BBC roller.Need a medium size relatively light mower for some jobs, Honda 42kg , Hayter 48kg. Both BBC but Hayter is variable speed which is a plus. Both…

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