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Lawn Care Legends LIVE comes to SALTEX

A fantastic networking opportunity for landscapers and gardeners will be available at SALTEX 2018 - which takes place at the NEC, Birmingham on 31 October and 1 November.

Lawn Care Legends, a Facebook group which was created in July 2016, is a thriving online community with over 3,000 worldwide active members. It is primarily a group for all landscapers and gardeners to showcase their work and knowledge and ultimately support one another.

The majority of group members are based in the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia and Canada and the group sees, on average, 40-60 individual member posts and approximately 4,500 engagements every day from likes to comments.

“The kind of topics of conversation can be anything from recommendations on products, machines or brands, what people prefer to use - the pros and cons, or it could be to do with marketing your business or pricing a job. It is open to professionals and aspiring professionals and the group encourages the positive aspect of sharing information,” said group founder John Ryan.

Browse through the Lawn Care Legends group and you will see a stunning array of images and videos detailing all kinds of various landscaping projects, however, John believes that while social media is an important aspect of the industry, the group is far more than just social sharing.

“Social media is a way to feed on the passion for the industry but it is much more than just sharing pictures and talking about lawn mowers; it is a way of connecting with people who have the same interests as you, have the same passion as you, and ultimately face the same difficulties as you.

“One thing I have personally experienced and widely seen in this industry is mental health, and that has commonly derived from being a solo operator or a small business owner. The difficulties and the challenges we face can be overwhelming and if we don’t have somewhere to turn to for advice or for some encouragement, then it can be really tough going. Social media breaks down those barriers and can make you feel less alone. In between jobs, or in times of distress, group members can take out their phone, quickly hop on to Lawn Care Legends and instantly be in contact with people who specifically understand both the highs and the lows of being a small business owner.”

Lawn Care Legends LIVE will take place on the first day of SALTEX 2018 and John, who is hosting the event alongside other popular Landscaping ‘YouTubers’ Curtis Jones and Jason Groom, revealed his ambitions for the event.

“Ultimately we are trying to build on a positive movement that has driven many people to develop their skills and deliver a higher service to customers while at the same time gaining more passion and appreciation for their own businesses.

“The event is open to everybody – the solo operator, the small to medium business owner, anyone who is following what manufacturers are doing, or following what their peers and colleagues within the industry are doing. By bringing Lawn Care Legends LIVE to SALTEX, it creates a go-to event of the year that people, not just members of Lawn Care Legends, can look forward to in connecting with other likeminded individuals.”

Not only will Lawn Care Legends LIVE be fantastic opportunity to network and discuss relevant topics but John, Curtis and Jason will be also be hosting an awards ceremony at the event.

“We are running a competition where entrants can submit up to ten pictures which show the quality of their work. It might be beautiful stripes on a lawn, a crisp edge between a flower bed and a lawn or it could be a topiary cutting – anything at all.

“The pictures can be posted in the Facebook group or through Twitter and Instagram and then in September a shortlist will be created. Everyone who makes it onto the shortlist will be in with a chance to win as the winners will be selected by a random generator. The winners will be then announced on the first day of SALTEX at the Lawn Care Legends LIVE event.”

The prizes will include:

  • A shaft drive professional lawnmower
  • A professionally built website worth approximately £1500
  • Lawn Care Legends clothing

To enter the competition join the Lawn Care Legends Facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/lawncarelegends or use the hashtag #LCLSALTEX18 on Instagram or Twitter.

Lawn Care Legends LIVE will take place on 31 October at 2:00pm in concourse suites 22 and 23 by the SALTEX entrance.

Visitors can register to attend SALTEX for FREE via the website – www.iogsaltex.com.

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