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As Spring seems to be in the air and many are starting to venture into the gardens again following the long hard winter - there seems to be a few jobs more pressing than others. Some of those less pressing jobs if done now could save hours of time in later months.


One of these jobs that people often overlook is the lawn edging and border definition. Nothing looks nicer than a freshly cut lawn with crisp, clean, defined edges whether they are classic formal straights or elaborate and flowing curved designs.


The bigger the garden or landscape the more time it takes to define these edges, and on a commercial scale this is a very costly process year on year. Whereas domestically the time spent edging the garden could be better spent elsewhere.


There are a great many landscape edging products available in the marketplace from the very cheap and cheerful to the ludicrously expensive, but somewhere in the middle is a product which is quite simply outstanding value for money.


The Rite Edge range of landscape edgings are manufactured using aluminium as the main material - which means it will never rust, rot, fade or need staining or repainting. The product is incredibly versatile and designs previously limited by flexibility are a thing of the past.


Unreal Gardens carefully select only the best products for inclusion in our portfolio of offerings, and having used this range of edgings myself on many occasions, I have to say there simply isn't a better product to use. It's fairly light, its quick to install and if any obstructions below ground are met because of its profile the securing locations which accept the 30cm fixing stakes can simply be cut out and placed further along the length away from the obstruction.


I've met quite a few designers in my time while exhibiting at the RHS CHelsea Flower Show with this fabulous product, and year after year many of them as well as the public come back and tell us how brilliant the product is to work with and what fantastic results they achieve with the product.


I wont be at Chelsea this year unfortunately, but the product will and if you were to tell them that you'd heard about Rite Edge via Unreal Gardens, they'd know exactly who'd referred you. I think there may well be a surprise in store at CFS this year from Rite Edge too so watch this space for more infomation.


So if you are considering renovating the tired lawn and border edgings, you really need to consider using a product that will probably outlast the Human Race!! Don't compromise with the rest - use the best - Rite Edge :  

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  • I invite you to try the heavy duty edging/ extra heavy duty edgings, not just it made from recycled plastic It also safer for pets and people!
  • Hi Ofer,


    Thanks for the advice, but having tried many edgings over the years, each giving different benefits, I can honestly say that I have never come across any quite as good as Rite Edge hence the reason why we chose the products for our range. We do however offer a plastic edging too which has had great acclaim - we call this product Lite Edge. My true loyalty lies with aluminium though, which is incidentally infinitely recyclable should the need arise!!

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