Hi Blog,I Feel so much better- I visited lj few times but could not write- I had lots to write but I guess the weather effects me, still. Anyway today I saw a bit of blue sky, heard few birds and saw few buds and it put me back to life.Spring is on the way- horay. (winter in England does not do well to me - Still remember warm winter back home about 15 C in a cold winter day)That's it, stop about myself, I would like to write about why do I sell what i sell in the next time but before is something for all of you LJ members... to help you this yearHow to make a soup from a buttonMany many years ago there was a man that got lost in the woods, he was very hungry and than saw a little house. He knocked on the door. An old lady opened the door .''oh hello'' said the man ''I am starving, I was lost do you have anything to eat?''''no said the women I have nothing in here''''nothing,even something small?'' tried the man.''no '' said the very mean women.'What about a button? do you have one' asked the man.'What can you do with a button?' wondered the women'I can teach you how to make a wonderful soup- very tasty with only a button'.'It could be useful' thought the old and mean women 'come inside' she said and brought a button.'I just need a pan and water 'said the man. 'OK' said the women.'now' said the man 'we put the button in the pan on the cooker, add the water and wait'.'How long?' asked the mean women. 'well, about three days' said the man 'but if you will mix it.it will be much faster' .The women started mixing till her hand got a bit tired' how long' she asked again.24 hours said the man but if you do have few potatoes and celery it will take half of the time''sure' said the women and kept mixing.'How long now?'.'well an onion and 2 carrots can short the time from 12 hours to 4 hours'.'I better do that' said the women- 'after I used few veg already' she thought.'a small peace of meat or chicken and a bit of salt can make to about 20 minutes only- and you will get wonderful soup and you will not need to mix it anymore.'As you can imagine after 20 minutes they both had a tasty soup made from only a button.I thought about this story, when I read this week about how to write a quote. Do not laugh..We always want to be in the man budget, to price it high but not to loose the job.someone said once that the shopping adventure or fun is when you can choose- Imagine choosing ice cream or looking at a menu.So I used to split the job to the different parts and if possible to give diffrent options in any section.for example: I tell the customer that he will get the best plants but he can choose to get them small medium or mature.Irrigation system for £x or a better one for £y.beside It looks very professional that you know all prices.Writing it , I remember that there was a gardener that manage to get most the gardens in a new project where I struggled to believe how cheap he can be. than I found that the price was for a very basic garden and the extras were expensive - he knew how to make a garden from a button.I hope it might help to anyone.
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  • I like the moral behind this story Ofer. It's a slightly more philosphical take on an old theme. Thanks for sharing.
    PSW, don't worry - the weather will buck up soon and there's nowhere quite like a UK garden on a sunny day in May!
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