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Day 20

Curved block paving

he second coat of Graphite masonry paint is applied to the entire render works.

 The consolidated sand is screed ed to house the curving outer rings of the block paving patio center circle.

Patio installer Devon


The Tobermore Sienna silver patio block paving is installed on full 4:1 ratio mortar beds.

Paving contractor Devon


The paving units are placed on the bed and spaced evenly, note that the paving is not protruding too high next to the units that have been installed, this precise bed ensures that you need not try to smash the patio paving units down, therefore eliminating breakages or cracking the paving slab / flag, as our friends up North would say.

Garden patio paving


Gentle taps with a rubber mallet makes light work of achieving the correct falls and levels, all paving should be checked constantly with a spirit level both longitude and latitude as it doesn't take much to drift up or down, causing high and low spots.

Grono artificial grass


The Grono artificial fake grass is laid over the center rings and the precision cutting commences, plenty of new Stanley blades are required for this procedure.

Grono artificial lawn


Block paving offset rings and Grono artificial grass create an excellent hard landscaping surface, no dog urine burns and no more laborious grass cutting!

Landscape construction Devon


Full paving units are installed first, once all the full units are installed to the correct falls and levels with even spacing's then the cuts to the paving slabs will commence.

Landscaper Brixham Devon

As with every task that is undertaken by us, washing down and keeping the project clean saves time as I don't price to scrub walls, driveways, footpaths, paving etc at the latter part of the landscaping build.

Sympathetic regard to the client and neighbours is paramount within my practice.

Day 21

Feeling extremely deflated, walked into the landscaping project in Brixham, Devon this morning to find that the local cat had an over night rave on the freshly painted graphite masonry paint and danced on white paving slabs, the mud on the walls can be painted on the last day of the project.....not so worried about the mud. The paving has been scrubbed and this is the result once dried.

Cats prints on white paving slabs

Ggggrrrrrrr !

Cat paw prints

Bloody cats !

Bloody cats

Ggggrrrrrrr !

Really miffed with cats right now

The artificial grass is cut to the required shape using new blades, as I'm using the edge of the blocks as a guide the blade will not last long.

All duct work is completed with blue draw cord pulled through the ducting with the aid of the pre inserted thin black cord

Cutting the artificial grass

The fake grass is glued in place with Aqua pond adhesive and blocks weigh the edges down for 12 hours.

The full paving slab installation continues.

Artificial lawn edges glued and weighed down

Hardcore is back filled to the work change area and consolidated in layers of 150mm maximum.

Back filling with hardcore

Early finish for me today, two reasons, sometimes, not often at all, you just need to walk away from the project for a few hours when you feel a little hot under the collar.

Secondly, its the Marshalls South West regional award ceremony this evening in Exeter.

Fingers crossed !!


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