Happy Christmas from Abel Landscaping

Happy Christmas from Abel Landscaping

Well, its been a fantastic year for us here at Abel Landscapes. We have carried out over 73 landscape, driveway and paving projects throughout Merseyside, Lancashire & Cheshire – leaving many happy customers with top quality installations.  We have made many installation videos for you to see how we as a company work as well as customer testimonial videos for your reassurance that we are a company who loves to please our customers.

Our top favourite installation from each category this year 2012


It has been a hard choice this year as we have carried out a fair few big landscaping projects but the winner of this category goes to a customer in Whiston:

Garden Makeover - Whiston 2

Garden Makeover - Whiston

This was our favourite landscaping project due to the transformation of the garden. Before we started here, the garden was full of rubble and bad ground. We excavated the bad ground, putting in land drains to prevent any flooding in the garden. The customer wanted two levels to the garden in order create a fantastic water feature and pond, so we set about doing this  by building up the level at the back with hardcore. We then started to build the water feature. Once the water feature was almost complete we started to build a wall with Croft Stone walling that the customer had already bought as he was going to try and do something in his garden before he called us in. We used the Croft Stone walling to retain the upper level of the garden and as you can see from the pictures above, this was a great idea.

We then started to lay Natural Indian Sandstone Paving (Marshalls Fairstone Range) to the lower area of the garden, creating small raised beds with setts. We also created 3 half moon steps up to the upper level using the Fairstone paving and setts. With the left over flags from the lower patio we decided to create a deeper flower bed on the upper level, so that the customer could add some more colour to his garden. After putting in tonnes and tonnes of top soil on the top level it was time to lay the turf, cutting out circle holes for the stepping stones to the tool shed.

We then created the slightly raised decking patio, leading out with a curve to the pond on the lower level. The final stage of this project was to install LED Spotlights which can now all be controlled by the customer via remote; along with the water feature.

To see Before pictures of this project along with progression photographs please visit:

Project 18  - Landscape Garden Makeover – Whiston



This was also a hard choice as we have carried out many fantastic driveway installations this year. A new product was also released by Marshalls this year known as Cobbletech which is a fantastic product and we where the first company in the UK to lay it. We love this product which is why we have decided to choose a Cobbletech job in High Town as our Winner:

Cobbletech Driveway - Hightown

Cobbletech Driveway -Hightown

We have chosen this Cobbletech driveway as the winner of the driveway category due to the overall finished look of the driveway. We blended two cobbletech colours together to give the driveway a more natural authentic look, finishing it off with a dark argent border. The feedback from both our customer and Marshalls has been fantastic and we personally feel that this is the cobbletech driveway of the year.

For before pictures and progression photographs, please visit:

Project 59 – Marshalls Cobbletech Driveway -Hightown


Our favourite paving project was carried out in Orrell Park, Liverpool.

Natural Stone Paving - Orrell Park

Natural Stone Paving - Orrell Park

The reason this natural stone patio was chosen as the winner of the paving category is because it is a fantastic example of a low maintenance option to a garden. The customers garden already had a natural stone patio that was fenced off to separate the lawn from the patio, however they wanted to get rid of the the grass and make the whole garden low maintenance. We lifted all the paving and then installed quality natural stone to the entire garden. We also created planters all the way around the edge of the garden using timber sleepers.

To see before pictures and progression photographs please visit:

Project 43 – Garden and Paving makeover – Orrell Park


Our favourite decking installation this year was by far the raised decking project with LED spotlights carried out in the Wirral:

Decking Wirral

Decking - Wirral

We have chosen this project as our favourite decking installation due to the engineering and carpentry skills involved in creating this decking feature.  We created two decking patios that where linked via decking walkway in the middle. We also created steps up to the first decking patio from the patio near to the house. This installation had to be well thought out in order to be successful. To complete this project we installed LED spotlights into the decking as showed in the picture.

For before pictures and progression photographs please visit:

Project 24 – Decking LED Lighting – Hoylake Wirral

We would like to say a big thank you to all of our customers for letting us work with you this year. We would also like to thank all of our installation teams here at Abel Landscapes as none of this would be possible with out you all!!

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