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Deer fencing, when properly planned for, constructed and maintained, can be an effective way of controlling deer to allow different land-uses to co exist in close proximity and to protect public safety.

X™ fence® Deer is the ultimate in deer management. This wire fence offers unrivalled degrees of strength, longevity and versatility. It's proven 24% stronger X™ knot provides an unmovable joint, whilst the alu/zinc coating (xtralife) increases the life of the fence, lasting up to four times longer than traditional galvanised wire. Only primary metals are used in the wire, this guarantees consistent high tensile strengths on every line. The one piece wire makes this fence almost self supporting, which means less posts are needed when installing.

The latest figures estimate there are currently over two million deer in the UK and over three hundred deer farms and estates.

There are six deer species that you might stumble across in our parks, estates and in the wild; however only two of these species are truly native - red and roe deer. The other four species have made their way into the countryside through deliberate release or have escaped from parks.

The height of a fence should be decided by the height the deer can be expected to jump. See recommended heights and mesh sizes below for the six species of deer that can be found in the UK.

Muntjac - Minimum fence height 1.5m. Maximum mesh size: 75mm x 75mm.

Product code: F2410 XHT15-158-7.5

This deer fence should be dug into the ground as Muntjac will burrow under a badly fixed fence and will jump over anything up to 1.2m in height.

Habitat: Deciduous or coniferous forests, preferably with a diverse understorey. Also found in scrub and over-grown gardens in urban areas.

Fallow - Minimum fence height 1.5m. Maximum mesh size: 220mm x 220mm.

Product code: F2440 XHT13-190-15

Habitat: Mature broadleaf woodland with understorey, open coniferous woodland, open agricultural land.

Red - Minimum fence height 1.8m. Maximum mesh size: 220mm x 300mm.

Product code: F2444 XHT17-190-15

Habitat: In England and southern Scotland occurs in woodlands and forests but can adapt to open moor and hills.

Sika - Minimum fence height 1.8m. Maximum mesh size: 220mm x 300mm.

Product code: F2440 XHT13-190-15

Habitat: Coniferous woodlands and heaths on acid soils.

Chinese Water Deer - Minimum fence height 1.5m. Maximum mesh size: 75mm x 75mm.

Product code: F2440 XHT13-190-15

Habitat: Reed beds, river shores, woodlands and fields. A good diversity of plants in the understorey is important.

Roe - Minimum fence height 1.2m or 1.5m. Maximum mesh size: 200mm x 150mm.

For Roe deer your fence must be a minimum of 1.2m high for areas less than 2.5ha and 1.5m high for areas greater than 2.5ha

Product code: F2440 XHT13-190-15 or for a light weight version for internal fence lines use product code: F2441 XLHT13-190 -15

Habitat: Woodland and forest, but may occupy fields when at high densities.

We are able to manufacture a deer mesh size and height to your specification, (max height 2.6 metres). For deer farmers or large estates we have a dedicated trade division who can make a site visit to discuss your requirements. For more details on this service please call 0845 1207766 or email trade@mcveighparker.co.uk

We also have low cost alternatives for internal fence lines or temporary use. Hinge jointed wire or even high tensile plastic netting could be considered for a temporary option.

For more details look at www.mcveighparker.com

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