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I am sure you are well aware that running a site such as the Landscape Juice Network takes time and expense and at some stage, especially if the membership continues to rise at the rate it is, it will have to pay its way. A number of experiments using affiliate links, Google adverts and donations have been tested but ultimately, the preference would be to keep the front page reserved for network related topics and selected postings and information. Donation Tin From time to time the network gets exclusive access to landscaping leads received directly through the Landscape Juice blog. These may or may not lead to any one member being engaged in carrying out a project for the enquiring client. This year, we have had a number of enquiries through the Landscape Juice enquiry page. This page is in a hot position on Google and is ranked higher than The APL, BALI and Yellow Pages for several search criteria. The network has also launched quite a few partnerships, brokered business transactions and provided opportunities. Some press items released through Landscape Juice has secured businesses a high profile slot in search engine rankings. There is no membership fee to be part of this unique and active network so I am launching an 'donation box' for members to chip in. You can also make a donation at any time if you feel that you and your business has benefited in some shape or form from your association to the site. You may also pay directly into a bank account - this way, nearly 5% can be saved in transaction fees. To find out more about how to do this, email me and I will provide details. This page lists the members who have donated to the site. Thanks for your understanding and if anyone has any suggestions or questions regarding donations or alternative payments then please feel free to leave a comment below. Kind regards Phil Voice
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  • Hi Phil,

    I have been giving this some thought, certainly if we employ a gardener we will are likely to accept Bayleaf's offer to assist us in interviewing gardeners to ensure we get someone who at least know what they are doing, and I will certainly ensure whatever choice is made that we will include this site in advertising the opportunity.

    While you don't charge for membership I do not see a problem in the TMO making a donation to a such a valid source, especially if we benefit so directly from it.

    Hopefully if I return to work this year I will be in a position to make a personal donation at some point, as I do appreciate the advice and ideas I have had in the short time I've been here.
  • PRO
    Thank you George for this feedback and I am delighted that we have in some way contributed in your selection process.

    I am also pleased that you are thinking of using Graham in the process and it demonstrates how the network is developing for the benefit of the whole group.

    All the best

  • PRO Supplier
    I think people might give an optional percentage commission to the network - on any leads they receive that come to fruition via landscape juice. Seems right to me
  • PRO
    Hi Elspeth,

    Yes, the emphasis is on optional and without obligation. The thinking behind the honesty box is carrying through with the whole transparency and openness of the site. If a member benefits, hopefully they can add something to the pot which in-turn goes towards development.

    My ambition is to create a real tool to assist any hort related business. I want to add accountancy and legal assistance and buying clubs and training course designed to train and not just make money.

    To these ends we will need funding and the greater the membership, the greater the income and the more ambitious the development.

    Kind regards

  • PRO
    Thank you to Graeme at BGS Ltd for his donation to the site.
  • I liked your site from the moment I joined and find it informative and useful. I think you are doing a great job on here.Anything or anyone who helps in this business by getting your name out there should be thanked. I would like to contribute a small amount to the honesty box -at the moment it will be £100.I hope this helps with a bit of development for your and my site too!
  • PRO
    Thank you Paul - it is very much appreciated.

    (Thank you also to Claudia - I did send a private message at the time but I did not on this page - I do not wish it to look as though she was being ignored for her generosity:-0))
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