Composite decking main framework

An insight to the daily life of a garden design and landscaping build up on a rear garden located in Cullompton, Exeter, Devon.

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Composite decking mainframe

Composite decking mainframe

The composite decking mainframe is taking shape,  I want to use as many full lengths as possible so plenty of thought and calculations are required, the joists and double up and sprayed red at every joiner.

Black composite decking walkway

Black composite garden walkway

The recycled black decking walkway is installed parallel to the property, a separate detachable manhole hatch will be included to gain access to the manhole cover below.

Decking post hole excavation

Decking post hole excavation

As we progress with the construction of the decking frame, another member of the team drops behind us and excavates the post holes with a pair of scissor shovels. The depth of each post hole dig will be 600mm. At this depth I install 200mm of concrete to each base of the post hole and compact the concrete prior to installing the 4x4 treated posts. If concrete is not installed at the post base the liability of the whole decking bouncing into the sub grade soil whilst 15 to 20 people party on the decked area are very high.

Composite deck supporting legs

Composite deck supporting legs

Each post is cut at 400mm allowing for the concrete base depth, each cut post loaded out next to each hole ready for installation. I have bolted the double joist frame to the house , feature walling and kitchen block work with Fisher frame fixings 10x140mm, I have also used the 6.0x80mm self tapping Spax screw and 100mm and 150mm Timberdrive

Decking post support

Decking post support

As you see above the finished height of the post is 10-15mm below the top level of the decking frame and concreted in place ensuring the concrete is compacted around the post. I allow the concrete surrounding the posts to cure for 2-3 days before laser levelling the joists into a level position and bolting the joist to the post with 150mm Timberdrives.

Recycled composite decking frame

Recycled composite decking frame

Garden design and landscaping works in mid flow, Near Tiverton, Devon

Raised seating area render wall 

Raised seating area render wall

The top coat render is applied to the hatch way kitchen, raised seating area walling

External rendered walling looks like an internal wall

Once the render has been applied to the walling, the plasterer will work with the setting time, rubbing the walling up with a plastic float as the render setting time will allow, this is then completed with a sponge finish, should the walling not set with in the working day then we will set the lights out and continue working with the wall until such time that the walling render top coat is completed.

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Marshalls raised black limestone planter preparation

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  • Really enjoying reading this, keep up the good work.

  • PRO

    Interesting read and its refreshing to see how a fellow landscaper conducts his work. When installing the decking base frame - Has the frame been bolted to the house as well as the new block work? Also what type of fixing have you used? I look forward to seeing the other features develop. Cheers

  • I have bolted the double joist frame to the house with Fisher frame fixings 10x140, I have also used the 6.0x80 self tapping Spax, 100mm and 150mm Timberdrive

    I trust this answers your questions Colin
  • Kerry - love your work, love your blog and love your ethos.

    Question for a designer do you ever think about what the void under a decking could be used for? There doesn't seem to be much of a void on this site but could it be used for storage of some kind? Would this be practical? Possible?

    I've seen a lot of decks this year that had 300mm - 600m voids that were just boxed in.

  • Thank you Jim for your refreshing words.

    Indeed I've kept the void to a minimum below the composite decking main frame purely for ventilation.

    I'm not a fan at all of softwood or hardwood decks and have and will continue to refuse installing them. Dangerous, boring, unsightly, boring, waste of clients money and extremely boring. So my days of creating projects with decking have always veered away from the entire scenario.

    However, I'm a fella that never says never where materials are involved, believing that space is premium in our country and my involvement with the Saige composite decking product all I say is watch this space....

    Clients budgets put the brakes on creating fully..... I hope that one day I will be allowed to fully open my mind..... just for one project at least, until then I'll just continue to do my best for the paying client

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