2D / 3D Courtyard Garden Design Produced Using SketchUp For Private Client In Yorkshire.HelloLet me firstly apologise for hogging precious LJN band-width with the following blatant advertisement for my 2D AND 3D GARDEN DESIGN / VISUALISATION SERVICES but, please, do not get bored and read the entire blog post as I guarantee there are cost effective services contained within (some you may not have thought of yourself!) that may benefit you as either a Home Owner / Occupier, Commercial Property Owner / Occupier, Garden Designer, Landscaper or Retailer / Artisan!For those who do not know of me by now, my name is David Beasley, I am self-employed and the owner of A DESIGN AND BUILD COMPANY - a Garden Design / Visualisation / Landscaping business based in Kingston-Upon-Hull, East Yorkshire, UK.I have been involved in the Landscape Design and Construction industries at all levels since leaving school in 1988.Originally trained by Landscape Architects / Civil Engineers to produce traditional, hand-drafted technical drawings for commercial and public realm projects, I have since converted to Computer Aided Design (CAD) for all my drawing production. My Current On line Portfolio (please click central arrow to play slide-show).I have City And Guilds qualifications and over ten years day-to-day, professional experience of using AutoCAD compatible software to produce my 2D Working Drawings, Construction Details and Planting Plans.Self-taught, I have over five years experience in using SketchUp to turn my 2D plans in to full-colour, perspective 3D CAD models which can be outputted as either JPEG files or avi. animation files for further photo-editing / rendering work or upload on to Youtube etc.I also have a basic grasp of the Kerkythea rendering system and Photo Editing Software so that, if needed, I can turn my SketchUp output into photo-realistic renderings or artistic impressions if required.Anyway, that's enough of the technical speak, below is a list (not exhaustive) of possible uses of my services for each Client type highlighted above:Home Owners/Occupiers.If you have a relatively normal sized / shaped garden and you send me detailed measurements (in metres or millimetres), lots of digital photographs of your properties exterior and existing garden, and idea of the garden's existing topography (height levels), a Design Brief for your new garden and it's exact address I should be able to provide you with a full-set of Design Drawings that you may use to get your garden landscaped. All of this would be done remotely via. the internet without us even meeting or me visiting the site!Commercial Property Owners / Occupiers.You can benefit from the same services offered to Home Owners, whilst I can also produce "still" and video animations for your organisation that you may use for Press-Releases, Marketing, Websites and for Grant Bids etc.

Artistic Render Image Produced For LJN Member PIP HOWARD From His Sketched Planting Plan.Garden Designers.Fellow Garden Designers (and I'm mainly talking to those who still prefare to use "hand-drawn" methods and those who use 2D CAD only!), I can take your scaled drawings and sketches and turn them into scaled 2D or 3D CAD drawings / videos so that you can present them to Clients or collaboratively share them with other design professionals. Full-colour, accurate 3D imagery will help you sell your designs to your Clients and are also a necessity if you are thinking of entering a Show Garden in a professional show such as RHS Chelsea Flower Show or RHS Tatton Park etc.At the most basic level, I could just even draw up your site surveys in CAD to provide you with an accurate 2D Base Plan (without the need to use cumbersome "beam compasses" etc.) or I could provide you with a faint 3D perspective framework drawing so that you can easily produce a "hand-rendered" image over it.Landscapers.Do you want to inject some design flair into your schemes but do not want to get involved with your local Garden Design set? Why not consider using me as your remote Garden Designer! Wearing the "two hats" of Garden Designer and Landscaper as I do, I have "seen it-done it" with regards to most aspects of Landscape Construction and can communicate with you at a "grass-roots" level. Being Northern-based with low overheads, I can no doubt beat your local Designers for rates. Also, having twenty two years experience in the game (most of that in a design/drawing environment) I can quickly churn out the Drawings / Images / Videos that you may need. Why not consider the idea of me creating you a stunning looking Site-Board graphic complete with 3D images of the proposed garden / landscape?Retailers / Artisans.If you produce and/or sell garden-related objects and you find that photographs do not do them justice etc., I can produce 3D models in SketchUp that can be ouputted as black and white "line drawings" / full-colour images for insertion into brochures etc. as well as avi. video files for uploading/embedding Youtube videos on your website. Also, these 3D models can also be placed on Google's 3D Warehouse so that your potential customers can download your products and view them in there own copies of SketchUp. I could also take the prepared models I have done for you and create a 3D montage scene around them to place them in a "perfect environment".TRACK RECORD WITH LANDSCAPE JUICE MEMBERSAs you may (or may not) know I started/administrate the "Google SketchUp And CAD For 2D/3D Garden Design Work" Group on LJN (please feel free to join and contribute!) and was one of four designers to produce a Concept Design for LJN's last attempt to enter a Show Garden for Hampton Court way back in 2009. My first SketchUp assignment for a LJN member was to produce a model of Michael Thompson's "Soil Improvement Device (S.I.D.) for his D.I.Y. Rammed Earth Construction Manual which I have since read and is excellent.

Next up was Ofer from Plants from Zion who contacted me to produce images to help sell his Plastic Garden Edging.This was quickly followed by a call from Pip Howard who asked me if I could produce 3D Presentation Images from his "hand-drawn" 2D scaled Planting Plan for a Client of his in Paris.At the time of writing, I have just finished preparing 3D SketchUp images of John Cavill's "Poison Garden" Show Garden entry for 2011's RHS Chelsea Flower Show.A quick call/email to any of these LJN members would confirm that I completed their work entirely remotely via. email/telephone with minimal instruction/information provided by themselves and the finished images were forwarded to them within a week's duration (24 hours in some cases!) and that the quality of work far exceeded their expectations!To cap it off, if you have any project (big or small) that you think may benefit from David's 2D AND 3D GARDEN DESIGN / VISUALISATION SERVICES, please do not hesitate to Contact David via. LJN, his Website, Email, Telephone or even Post.Thanks for taking the time and having the patience to read this monsterous blog entry :-)
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  • Id like to speak with you..

    I will be available from next Tuesday after 12pm..

    Regards Justin 

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"Sealey used to be known as a good make for things like jump start packs for vehicles, etc. but in the last few years I too have noticed many of their items are essentially the same product as some other less well known brands with a lower price point"
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"First time we've needed one in 40 years of planting even with the downtime we're still financially ahead"
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"We have a Bosch, 230v domestic-grade shredder. It's very good for anything up to 35-40mm diameter.
Next is an Eliet Major shredder. it's several years old and has been very reliable. It's rated to shred  branches up to 55mm (4") diameter and has a…"
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"Thanks Paul . Out of interest what  make of small  shredder / chipper would you recommend for pruned /coppiced branches ?
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"We have a Billy Goat vacuum and a couple of turf lifters. Trouble is, we're based a very long way from you!
Can't say we have a problem with user damage; not to the turf lifters anyway....:)"
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"Had problems hiring turf cutters in the past as all local hire companies said they were not cost effective due to user abuse . 
A billy goat is one of those machines which is useful when you need it for leaf clearance but doubt would get much use…"
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"Thanks for the reply Andrew. They do nice racks but unfortunately nothing that can help this specific issue. Thanks anyway"

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Echo PB 9010T

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