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Kilgraney Railway Sleepers

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Owthorpe Rd Cotgrave Nottingham NG12 3PU

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0115 9890445

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UK Supplier of new and used railway sleepers. The website will give you lots of valuable information, project ideas, photos, sizes and prices, not to mention the odd laugh. YOU'LL DISCOVER THAT WE ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT RAILWAY SLEEPERS, and this website reflects our desire to encourage everyone to use railway sleepers for landscaping, construction, furniture etc... There's EVERYTHING on this website you ever need to know about railway sleepers! Whether you are planning to construct a raised bed, retaining wall, raised pond or simply steps in the garden, you will find that railway sleepers are a brilliant material to use. Whether you are building a fireplace, door lintel, bench or table top you will discover that sleepers have the answer to all your creative dreams! Whether they are new or used sleepers, softwood or hardwood, untreated or treated, short or long, light or heavy, oak, pine, jarrah, azobe etc.. we have them all in stock & WE LOVE THEM !! Some might say that this makes us pretty obsessive, especially having built the largest railway sleeper projects collection in the world, but there again, we all have our obsessions!

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